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Welcome to Hunslet Carr

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 I would like to welcome you to the Hunslet Carr Primary School website. We hope that through the website you will be able to find all the information you need about us. However, if there is further information you require, please contact the school. We are always more than happy to arrange visits to come and view the school.

We are very proud of our school, its history and the achievements of the children. We aim to provide an environment that is safe, caring, stimulating and happy, where all children can develop to the best of their abilities and reach their full potential. We work hard to ensure our pupils become confident, well balanced individuals that show independence, and are able to become caring members of the community.

We believe that Hunslet Carr Primary offers all pupils an excellent education delivered by inspirational, committed teachers, who are supported by highly skilled professional teaching assistants. We have an engaging and challenging curriculum that has been adapted to the needs of the children to ensure that as well as children having fun with their learning, they have a sound grounding in the basic skills of English and Maths.

We take pride in the warm, caring atmosphere we have created, where parents and carers are always welcome. We look forward to engaging in a positive, rewarding partnership with all parents and carers, to guide and educate all children through their primary school years, ensuring their time at Hunslet Carr is both happy and successful.

We would encourage you to visit the school, where you will be assured a warm welcome. We have a firm belief that you will be impressed by the inclusive ethos, the quality of teaching, the high expectations of achievement, our independent and well motivated pupils and the standards of behaviour.

I hope that this website offers the information you need and you enjoy finding out about our school. If you would like to visit the school please contact us.

Mr P Tyson, Head teacher