Individual Liberty

Here at Hunslet Carr, children's achievements are celebrated in Star Assemblies. These assemblies instill in them a sense of worth and create ambitious pupils who believe in their Growth Mindset. Our Wellbeing assembly questions focus around the key areas that create a healthy wellbeing - how to understand and manage our emotions, the importance of being healthy, how to develop good relationships, how to have a positive attitude through Growth Mindset and why it is important to attend school every day.

Each half term the Wellbeing Team meet to discuss the themes, questions and how to promote wellbeing that will support children throughout their education and their life.

Children are taught about making 'good' choices and have a full understanding that they are the ones that make choices about how they act, whether those choices are well made or not. This continues through the school's Good to be Green behaviour policy.

Our children take on jobs that help to make the school function well as well as more formal jobs such as the School Council. They apply for the roles and so freely choose the way they will contribute to our community. Participating in these groups helps to develop them as citizens.

Individual liberty helps the children and staff to understand what the key features of a healthy positive environment are and enable individuals freedoms to be maintained and respected. For example, the work around respecting different family models and discussing homophobic bullying is essential to ensure that all individuals can come to school free from prejudice.


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