Curriculum Reception

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What are we learning this half term?



For the first half term we are going to be learning all about ourselves, our new friends

and all of the teachers in Reception. For this we will be asking that all children bring

in their baby photos (that we can photocopy) to look at the difference between

then and now. Please make sure that these are named.

Following this, we will be beginning our first Talk 4 Writing book, Funnybones. This will

coincide perfectly with Halloween! We’re looking forward to making skeletons!





In phonics, we will be starting Phase 2 and learning the phonemes s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d,

g, o, c, k, ck and the tricky words I, no, the, to, into, go.


We will be concentrating on forming letters correctly, particularly in their names and

the phonemes we are learning.


Keep an eye out for an information session on how we teach phonics (reading and

writing) and how you can help with your child’s reading at home.





In Maths, we are beginning our mastery journey by looking closely at numbers up to


10. To do this, we will focus on each number for two weeks. Through the numbers we

will teach shape, doubles, halves, addition, subtraction. Tidy-up time will also be a

maths lesson!


Keep an eye out for an information session on how we teach maths and how you

can help at home.


#30 Menu, 100 Reading Challenge and book bags




In your child’s book bag, there will be a learning log where the #30 Menu challenge will be. 10 of these need to be chosen over the term. The Learning Log is so that you can show all the exciting things you have been doing at home. We will be using a display in the classroom to highlight all of this work. At the end of every term there will be #30 badges for every child who has completed their 10 activities; with evidence in their Learning Logs.


In addition to this, there will be a 100 Reading Challenge. When you read a bedtime

story with your child, this can be ticked off on the grid and your child will receive a

special reward when they get to 100.




In your child’s book bag you will get a book that you can share at home. This is

chosen by your child and they will be changed regularly. Once your child can read,

you will receive a decodable book.



Dates for your diary:



Wednesday 12th September: Individual photos


Monday 17th September: 3.00 – 3.30pm: Meet the Teacher meeting .


Thursday 13th September: Reception start full time – 8.50-3.20 Monday to Thursday, finishing at 2pm with the rest of the school every Friday.


Wednesday 17th October: Open Morning


Friday 26th October: Break up for half term.


Monday 5th November: Back to school.



 Class of 2017/18

Cannon Hall Farm

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Class of 2015/16

Reception and Nursery Winter Wonderland

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Stay and Create

Reception held a Stay and Create Morning where parents/carers could stay with their children for the morning and make a Christmas Bauble for their tree.

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