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What are we learning this half term?



Tuning into the children's current interests, we will be learning about dragons, unicorns, castles

and royalty. Within our Primary Writing Project, we will be focusing on a non-fiction style text,

creating a fact file about dragons. We will be learning actions to help us to re-tell the story and

we hope you can share the children's knowledge through our home learning app (Early


We will be encouraging the use of descriptive language e.g. sharp, long teeth and encouraging

the children to invent their own dragons in our areas of learning.



We have now finished Phase 3 phonics and will spend this half term embedding our

sounds and learning to write the graphemes.

Please continue to re-cap the sounds from the children's phonics packs, in their book

bags. This will help them with their home reading books and their writing. 




We are continuing to explore our numbers using Maths Mastery. We are confident in counting

forwards and backwards from 20 and sayng the number which is one more and one less. Please

continue to explore counting when out and about. Counting steps, cars, buses etc.

We have also looked at 2D and 3D shapes, recognising which shapes are flat and fat/solid.

We are using everyday language to describe what these shapes look like e.g. 3 pointy bits, 4

straight sides. Please continue to work on this at home.



#30 Menu, 100 Reading Challenge and book bags


Thank you for all of your hard work in your learning logs! Please keep on with the #30 menu and

the reading challenge. 


Early Essence App


Please continue to add your child’s learning to our Early Essence App. Username and Passwords

are available from the staff in Reception if you are unable to locate them.


You have shared some amazing home learning with us and the children and staff have loved

hearing the children share their experiences. We have seen some amazing reading, trips to see

Father Christmas and singing.


Keep on sharing!


Dates for your diary: 

Every Mondyay - Phonics and Reading club in Reception 3.20-4pm

25th February - School re-opens

7th March - World Book Day (more information to follow)

15th March - Red Nose Day

29th March - School closes for Easter

15th April - School re-opens for Summer Term 1




Class of 2018/19

Build a Bear 

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Class of 2017/18

Cannon Hall Farm

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Class of 2015/16

Reception and Nursery Winter Wonderland

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Stay and Create

Reception held a Stay and Create Morning where parents/carers could stay with their children for the morning and make a Christmas Bauble for their tree.

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