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This final half term, we will be diving into a new topic called ‘Under the sea.’  This has already

proved popular with the children as they have enjoyed role playing in our under the sea

world, choosing to dress up as pirates and mermaids and explore an underwater world!  The

aim of this topic is to explore and learn about an environment that is different from their

own.  We will be encouraging the children to talk about the creatures that live underwater,

what their homes might look like and what they might eat and how this differs from us.  An

important aspect of this topic will be to inspire the children to show care and concern for

living things and their environment.   


Key Skills:


Preparing children for reception

This half term our main aim is to prepare our oldest children for reception. This will be done

through our Primary Writing Project, phonics and maths sessions. In addition, our focused

activities will help develop key skills such as the correct pencil grip, turn taking etc.

Remember to help your child to write their name at home. Please ask Mrs Sidebottom for

advice if you are struggling.  



We will be continuing to reinforce counting using 1:1 correspondence (saying one number

name for each item that is counted) and will be continuing with number recognition.  The

children will be looking at ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ when comparing quantities.    



Communication, Language & Literacy:

Lots of our activities up to this point have focused on listening to different sounds, remembering them and talking about them. We will now continue to focus on blending the sounds together in simple words and we are beginning to identify the initial sounds in words and then discriminate between sounds and match to objects correctly.


Primary Writing Project:


Our Primary Writing Project story this half term is ‘Fidgety Fish,’ which links well with our topic ‘Under the Sea.’ We will spend lots of time reading and re-reading the story before adding actions and creating a story map in order to help the children re-tell the story independently. This will help to extend their vocabulary and language skills.  


Dates for your diary:

Meeting for parents of children who are moving to reception in September:

Monday 11th June (beginning of week children) and 14th June (end of the week children)  

Transition mornings to reception: Wednesday 4th/11Th July (more information to follow)

Reports out to parents: Friday 6th July

Parents meetings to discuss reports: Tuesday 10th July

End of year celebration: Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July (more information to


Sports day: Wednesday 18th July

Term ends: Friday 20th July



Class of 2017/18

Santa Train

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Outdoor Fun

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Class of 2016/17

Year of the Rooster

Our Nursery children are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a bit of dressing up and a taste of Chinese food.

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Class of 2015/16

Reception & Nursery Winter Wonderland

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 All aboard the Santa Train

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