Curriculum Reception

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Our topic this half term is water. We will be planning lots of exciting activities for the children

based on their interests in water such as exploring winter animals, ice animals that live in the

water, pirates and fictional characters such as mermaids.



What we are learning this half term?




This term we will be introducing the children to   a new set of sounds in our phonics lessons. We will include a copy of the sounds phonemes and digraphs (taken from phase 2 and phase 3 in Letters and Sounds) in your child’s learning log for you to practice the sounds at home with your child.


As we learn the different sounds you can encourage your child to write and read words with

these sounds in and then begin to write sentences and captions.


Please encourage your child to bring in any additional work they have completed at home to

share with the class, we can then include this in their learning journey.





We are continuing to learn a number a week. Last term we learnt numbers 1-9 and this term

we will be recapping from 5 upwards and learning the teen numbers.


Please help your child by home by practicing adding and subtracting using real life objects

and recalling number facts such as number bonds to 10 and doubling and halving



Homework and book bags


We want the children to focus on completing their #30 challenges so all homework for this

term will be linked to this. Encourage your child to achieve 10 out of the #30things each term

and see if they can tick off all the challenges on the grid by the end of the year. Remember

to include any photographs so we can share them as a class.


In addition to the #30 please practice the phonemes, digraphs and tricky words with your

child, a copy of these will be included in your learning log.


Please ensure your child brings their book bag to school every day. Your child’s reading book

will be changed on a Friday and when they are read with in school.


We expect you to read with your child for 5 minutes every day.



Dates for your diary:

05.02.18: EYFS Valentines disco

08.02.18: Whole School Open Morning




Class of 2015/16

Reception and Nursery Winter Wonderland

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Stay and Create

Reception held a Stay and Create Morning where parents/carers could stay with their children for the morning and make a Christmas Bauble for their tree.

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