Talk 4 Writing

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Talk for Writing Project

In September 2016 we began a 2-year project to learn how to teach Writing using the popular Talk 4 Writing approach.

The Talk 4 Writing approach teaches a unit of writing over a number of weeks and follows the same pattern in each unit:


 pastedImage 1


Below you can see the latest Story Map and Oral Retell from each year group: 



Story Map from Nursery



Oral Retell from Nursery


Story Map from Reception



Oral Retell from Reception


Story Map from Year 1



Oral Retell from Year 1


Story Map from Year 2



Oral Retell from Year 2


Story Map from Year 3



Oral Retell from Year 3


Story Map from Year 4



Oral Retell from Year 4


Story Map from Year 5




Oral Retell from Year 5


Story Map from Year 6



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