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Talk 4 Writing Project          

In Sept 2016 we began a 2-year project to learn how to teach Writing using the popular Talk 4 Writing approach.

The Talk 4 Writing approach teaches a unit of writing over 3 weeks and follows the same pattern in each unit:

  • A Cold Task – a piece of writing written before the teaching begins
  • Orally learning a model story – through games and drama
  • Reading as a Reader – What words has the writer used
  • Reading as a Writer – What punctuation and grammar have been used to create an effect
  • Boxing Up – Identifying what happens in each part of the text
  • Shared Writing – Taking the model and writing a class version of the text, explaining the reason for different choices
  • Changing the text – Using the model text, children change aspects of the story to make it their own
  • A Hot Task – a piece of writing written at the end of the unit of teaching to compare against the Cold Task to show progress

Below you can see the latest Story Map and Oral Retell from each year group.





Story Map from Nursery



Oral Retell from Nursery


Story Map from Reception



Oral Retell from Reception


Story Map from Year 1



Oral Retell from Year 1


Story Map from Year 2



Oral Retell from Year 2


Story Map from Year 3



Oral Retell from Year 3


Story Map from Year 4



Oral Retell from Year 4


Story Map from Year 5




Oral Retell from Year 5


Story Map from Year 6



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