Curriculum Year 5

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Ever wondered where the Anglo Saxons came from? Or why the rain forests are so important to us?

Well look no further. These are just two of the exciting areas of learning we will be looking at this term. To help bring our topic of the Anglo Saxons really come to life we have a special visitor from the past. They will be visiting our school on Monday 11th of September -  so get your questions ready and prepare to be amazed. We then move swiftly on to the topic of The Rainforest. We hope to visit Tropical World and will let you know the date as soon as this is confirmed. On top of the exciting topics we have, we will be working hard towards our school motto, Impossible is Nothing, through lessons on Positive Mindset and how to be resilient and focused in lessons, even when things get a little tricky and we end up 'in the pit'. 


 Important dates for your diary

Coming soon! A visit to Tropical World


Wednesday 18th October - Harvest Festival


Friday 20th October - School closes for half term


Wednesday 1st November - Halloween Disco



Reading books and homework

Your child will be given:

  • A reading record.
  • A reading book.
  • A learning Journal.

Just a reminder. We expect all children to read for 10 minutes - 3 times a week. 

Each Friday your child will be given homework to be handed back into school by Wednesday or earlier if possible.

Spellings will be given out every Thursday and the children will have to learn them for a test the


Don't forget our new challenge #30things. Please encourage your child to complete 10 by the end of Autumn term.


Class of 2017/18

Year 5 visited Tropical World as part of their topic on the Rain Forest.

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Year 5 had a very special vistor this week who helped them research where the Anglo Saxons came from.

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Class of 2016/17 


Roundhay Park


Year 5 took a trip to Roundhay park as partof their Topic work. While they were there they visited the education centre and took part in a nature work shop.

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National Media Museum


As part of Year 5 Topic work, the children visited the National Media Museum in Bradford. Whilst there they took a workshop which showed how light travels, why shadows are made and got to look at some cool infra red and heat cameras. The children also got to watch a short 3D film in the IMAX about the space station and the spacemen and women who work on the station.

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Class of 2015/16

Year 5 visited Armley Mills Industrial Museum as part of their Topic on Victorian Mills.

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Year 5 visited Jamyang Buddhist Centre as part to their topic. They practiced meditation and talked about

Buddhist teachings. They saw statues of Buddha, Prayer Wheels, Prayer Flags, Offering Bowls and the burning

of inscense. They also learnt that Buddhist try to live good, honest, helpful and peaceful lives.

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Year 5 Winter Wonderland

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