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For our first topic of the year we will be studying Crime and Punishment. This will involve: looking at the punishments for various crimes and how these have changed over the years; finding out about infamous criminals and learning about Alcatraz. We will be asking the children if they would like to live in older times and if they think the punishments seem fair and reasonable. When launching our topic the children will be investigating a mysterious crime that has recently happened in the school and using their detective skills to try to find out which suspect has done it. They will then have the responsibility of deciding upon a punishment for the criminal!

Following on from Crime and Punishment, we will begin the topic "What was life like for a refugee during WWII," where we will have a guest speaker telling us about her mum's experiences as a refugee. We will also read the amazing book "The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas," which the children in Year 6 always love and find to be an emotional roller-coaster. It's going to be an incredible start to what is sure to be a challenging but fun year!


Important dates for your diary

Monday 25th September - Judith Rhodes visiting - "Little Suitcase" refugee talk


Friday 6th-8th October - Kingswood

Wednesday 18th October - HarvestFestival

Friday 20th October - School closes for half term 


Learning Journals

What do they get, when do they get it and when does it need to be handed in?

Every week, for their homework, your child will be expected to complete:
  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • Speedy Spider
  • One of the #30Things challenges
  • SATs Revision books.

We expect all children to read for 10 minutes - 3 times a week.  You need to write the date, the name of the book and what pages they have read with a short comment on how they have done in their reading record and this needs to be handed in once a week.

It would also be hugely beneficial for the children to work on their times tables 3 times a week. This will give them a great advantage when they take their SATs.

Children will be expected to complete set pages in their revision guides each week and we will

alternate between Maths and English. These books will be handed out on a Friday and we ask them to be handed back in the following Thursday.  Spelling tests will be every other week on a Friday.

If you have any questions about the exciting changes to homework then

please speak to a member of Year 6 or to our Deputy Head, Miss Pashby.


These activities are very important in helping your child improve at school

and we hope you will support us by helping your child at home.


 Class of 2017/18

Year 6 Residential to Kingswood

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Class of 2015/16 

 Year 6 Winter Wonderland

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