Curriculum Year 6

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This half-term, Year 6 will be learning all about Diwali - The Festival Of Light. We hope that through learning about Diwali and Hinduism, we can help the children to learn more about other religions and cultures. As part of our topic we intend to arrange a trip to a Hindu Temple (called a Mandir) so look out for more exciting news about this when we arrange a date.

In science this half-term the children will be learning about light and electricity. This will provide the children with great opportunities to experiment and attemp to create their own working electrical circuits. I'm sure that these topics will help to 'spark' the children's interest in the build up to Christmas.                                                                                                         



Important dates for your diary

10th November - Takeover Day

13th November - Cinema Trip

14th November - Cinema Trip

21st November - Parents'/Carers' Evening

23rd November - Parents'/Carers' Afternoon

15th December - School closes for Christmas




Learning Journals

What do they get, when do they get it and when does it need to be handed in?

Every week, for their homework, your child will be expected to complete:
  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • Speedy Spider
  • One of the #30Things challenges
  • SATs Revision books.

We expect all children to read for 10 minutes - 3 times a week.  You need to write the date, the name of the book and what pages they have read with a short comment on how they have done in their reading record and this needs to be handed in once a week.

It would also be hugely beneficial for the children to work on their times tables 3 times a week. This will give them a great advantage when they take their SATs.

Children will be expected to complete set pages in their revision guides each week and we will

alternate between Maths and English. These books will be handed out on a Friday and we ask them to be handed back in the following Thursday.  Spelling tests will be every other week on a Friday.

If you have any questions about the exciting changes to homework then

please speak to a member of Year 6 or to our Deputy Head, Miss Pashby.


These activities are very important in helping your child improve at school

and we hope you will support us by helping your child at home.


 Class of 2017/18

Year 6 Residential to Kingswood

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Class of 2015/16 

 Year 6 Winter Wonderland

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