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Year2 and 6 SATs

The children in Year 2 will take tests set by the government throughout May so it is vital that they are here every day so they do not miss them.

The children in Year 6 will take tests set by the government the week beginning 13th May. It is important that they are in school every day between now and then to give themselves the best chance of success.


School Meals

All children in Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for a free school meal every day regardless of your household income.

This could save a family up to £420 a year.

If you would like your child to start school meals, please let the office know.


Year 5 Tag Rugby

Some of our Year 5 pupils took part in a Tag Rugby Tournament run by Leeds Rhinos and Active Leeds. As you can see by the photos, they all had lots of fun.

  • IMG_1144
  • IMG_1145
  • IMG_1146
  • IMG_1147
  • IMG_1148
  • IMG_1154
  • IMG_1155
  • IMG_1156
  • IMG_1157
  • IMG_1158
  • IMG_1159
  • IMG_1160
  • IMG_1161
  • IMG_1162
  • IMG_1163
  • IMG_1164
  • IMG_1165
  • IMG_1166
  • IMG_1167
  • IMG_1168
  • IMG_1169
  • IMG_1170


Wonderful Writers

Well done to all of the Wonderful Writers of the Half Term. There has been some fantastic pieces of work produced by our pupils.

  • Bree-Anna Walker  Maple
  • Ellie Drain Plum
  • Elsie Linnecor Cherry
  • Emily Jane Hazwl
  • Evie Ragan Pear
  • IMG_6531
  • Jaiden Underwood Chestnut
  • Leah-Megan
  • Lilly Rose Morrison
  • Lucy Clough Spruce
  • Mila-Rose Chadwick Beech
  • Natalia Chiroaica Ash
  • Oliver Galley Apple
  • Thomas Buttery Cedar


Egg Decorating Competition

Another eggcellent effort from our children in KS2 for our Egg Decorating Competition.

  • IMG_0336
  • IMG_0337
  • IMG_0340
  • IMG_0341
  • IMG_0342
  • IMG_0344
  • IMG_0346
  • IMG_0347
  • IMG_0348
  • IMG_0349
  • IMG_0350
  • IMG_0351
  • IMG_0352
  • IMG_0353
  • IMG_0354
  • IMG_0355
  • IMG_0356
  • IMG_0357
  • IMG_0358
  • IMG_0359
  • IMG_0360
  • IMG_0362
  • IMG_0363


Easter Bonnets

Every year we are amazed at all of the wonderful Easter Bonnets in KS1 and this year was no different! Well done to all of the winners!

  • IMG_0204
  • IMG_0208
  • IMG_0210
  • IMG_0222
  • IMG_0223
  • IMG_0224
  • IMG_0228
  • IMG_0231
  • IMG_0233
  • IMG_0239
  • IMG_0241



Art Exhibition

Year 4 will be holding an art exhibition in school on Friday 29th March 1.30-2.00pm. Please pop in and have a look at the fantasic art work that has been created.


Knife Awareness

Our KS2 assembly this week focussed on Knife awareness. 

IMG 6438          IMG 6439


Red Nose Day 2019

IMG 6406


Thank you to everyone who joined in and donated for Red Nose Day. We raised a whopping £618.00!!

  • IMG_6405
  • IMG_6406
  • IMG_6407
  • IMG_6408
  • IMG_6410
  • IMG_6411
  • IMG_6413
  • IMG_6414
  • IMG_6415
  • IMG_6417
  • IMG_6418
  • IMG_6419
  • IMG_6421
  • IMG_6422
  • IMG_6423
  • IMG_6424
  • IMG_6425
  • IMG_6427
  • IMG_6428
  • IMG_6429
  • IMG_6431



World Book Day 2019

What a fantastic turn out we had today for World Book Day. The children loved dressing up as their favourite book characters.

  • IMG_1029
  • IMG_1031
  • IMG_1032
  • IMG_1036
  • IMG_1037
  • IMG_1039
  • IMG_1040
  • IMG_1041
  • IMG_1044
  • IMG_1045
  • IMG_1046
  • IMG_1047
  • IMG_1048
  • IMG_1053
  • IMG_1058
  • IMG_1059
  • IMG_1061
  • IMG_1070
  • IMG_1072
  • IMG_1077
  • IMG_1080
  • IMG_1081
  • IMG_1082
  • IMG_1083
  • IMG_1084
  • IMG_1087
  • IMG_1088
  • IMG_1089
  • IMG_1093
  • IMG_1094


  • IMG_1095
  • IMG_1097
  • IMG_1099
  • IMG_1100
  • IMG_1101
  • IMG_1102
  • IMG_1103
  • IMG_1104
  • IMG_1105
  • IMG_1106
  • IMG_1107
  • IMG_1108
  • IMG_1109
  • IMG_1110
  • IMG_1111
  • IMG_1116
  • IMG_1117
  • IMG_1119
  • IMG_1123
  • IMG_1125
  • IMG_1126
  • IMG_1127
  • IMG_1128
  • IMG_1129
  • IMG_1131
  • IMG_1132
  • IMG_1133
  • IMG_1134
  • IMG_1135
  • IMG_1139


Top Tips for Parents

What parents need to know about MOMO, please click here


Online Safety

What to do if you are worried about your child online


Works of Art

Our pupils have produced some fantasic pieces of art during their topic days

  • IMG_6337
  • IMG_6338
  • IMG_6339
  • IMG_6340
  • IMG_6341
  • IMG_6342
  • IMG_6343
  • IMG_6344
  • IMG_6345
  • IMG_6346



Harry Potter Night

For more information about our Harry Potter Night, please click here


Rt Hon Hillary Benn

Today we received a lovely letter from the Rt Hon Hillary Benn, regarding his visit to

Hunslet Carr back in June, when we were in the process of electing our new Head Boy

and Head Girl. To read the full letter, please click here


Wonderful Writers

  • IMG_6230
  • IMG_6231
  • IMG_6233
  • IMG_6234
  • IMG_6235
  • IMG_6236
  • IMG_6237
  • IMG_6238
  • IMG_6239
  • IMG_6240
  • IMG_6241
  • IMG_6242
  • IMG_6243
  • IMG_6244

  Well done to all of our Wonderful Writers!


Important information for parents


Dear Parent/Carer,


I am writing to you as we have had an increased number of pupils coming

to school wearing smart watches. I understand that smart watches are now

a feature of modern society but the increasing sophistication of smart watch

technology presents a number of issues for schools.


The high value of many smart watches and the camera can lead to potential

child protection and data protection issues. Therefore, we have decided that

all smart watches should not be brought to school under any circumstances.


Please see below examples of smart watches that should not be worn in


S watch         S watch 1


If you require any further clarification on this matter, please do not hesitate

to contact your classroom teacher.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Kind regards, 




Mr M Lumb





Year 6 Residential to Kingswood 2019


 To find out more information about the trip, please click here





Year 4 Residential to Ravenstor 2019

 To find out more information abut the trip, please click here



Walking Bus

If you find getting the kids to school on a morning tough, why not bring them to our Walking Bus? It meets every day at 8.20am at Woodville Mount (opposite the Sorting Office) and our staff will walk your children safely to school for you. It is free and great excercise?


After-School Clubs

All of our After-School Clubs will begin again during the week beginning 21st January, except Ace Club, which will continue to run as normal every Friday. Look out for a letter on Friday 11th of January to see which clubs are available this Spring.


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all of the parents, carers, pupils and staff 


Applying for a Reception place in September 2019

Primary School Places 

Parents and carers have until the 15th January 2019 to complete their applications for a

Reception place for September 2019 and should apply using the online system.

They will be  informed of their school offer via email on national offer day, Tuesday

16th April 2019


To see frequently asked questions when applying for a Reception place in 

September 2019, please click here


Takeover Day

  • IMG_0185
  • IMG_0186
  • IMG_0187
  • IMG_0188
  • IMG_0190
  • IMG_0192
  • IMG_0194
  • IMG_0198
  • IMG_0200
  • IMG_0201
  • IMG_0206
  • IMG_0208
  • IMG_0211
  • IMG_0213
  • IMG_0220
  • IMG_0221
  • IMG_0224
  • IMG_0228
  • IMG_0234
  • IMG_0241

Takeover day was a huge success this year with pupils taking over the school. From

Premises Manager to Headteacher, the children did a fabulous job.


Santa's coming!!


Santa will be visiting our school on Wednesday 19th December 2018. Tickets to see

Santa will cost £1.50.


If you would like your child to visit Santa in school please log on to using your child's unique password to make payment.


Tickets are now on sale via the online payment system. Please not you will only be able to

make a payment online or via payPoint. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY CASH PAYMENTS.

All tickets need to be purchased before Friday 7th December 2018. If you do not purchase

ticket unfortunately your child will not be able to visit Santa



National Railway Museum

  • IMG_5759
  • IMG_5761
  • IMG_5762
  • IMG_5764
  • IMG_5765
  • IMG_5766
  • IMG_5767
  • IMG_5769
  • IMG_5770
  • IMG_5771
  • IMG_5774
  • IMG_5775
  • IMG_5776
  • IMG_5777
  • IMG_5778
  • IMG_5782
  • IMG_5784
  • IMG_5785
  • IMG_5786
  • IMG_5788
  • IMG_5789
  • IMG_5790
  • IMG_5794
  • IMG_5796
  • IMG_5799
  • IMG_5800
  • IMG_5802
  • IMG_5805
  • IMG_5807
  • IMG_5809

Plum class visited the National Railway Museum as part of their topic. They took a

workshop and listened to the story about how Henry Booth, George Stephenson and

Robert Stephenson won £500 when they invented the Rocket.


Kirkstall Abbey

  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_44_33
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_45_05
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_45_43
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_46_23
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_46_58
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_47_31
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_49_02

Year 6 have visited Kirkstall Abbey as part of their topic 'At the Abbey'. They took part in a

Tudor Workshop and  explored the Abbey


The Vikings have arrived

  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_14_47
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_16_01
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_16_39
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_37_32
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_38_05
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_38_48
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_39_19
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_39_49
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_40_24
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_40_56
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_41_26
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_41_56
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_42_25
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_43_07

Year 5 enjoyed a Viking Workshop as part of their topic work.



  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_21_57
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_22_37
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_23_06
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_23_56
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_24_30
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_25_32
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_25_39
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_26_02
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_35_47
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_36_19
  • Capture 2018-11-10 08_37_00

The teachers and TA's have gone all out this half term with their door displays for Topic!



Capture 2018-11-10 08 18 52 Capture 2018-11-10 08 19 20 Capture 2018-11-10 08 19 47

Capture 2018-11-10 08 20 19 Capture 2018-11-10 08 20 54 Capture 2018-11-10 08 21 21

Some of the fantastic creations made by each year group from pumpkins grown on our



Fire Brigade

  • IMG_0358
  • IMG_0359
  • IMG_0360
  • IMG_0361
  • IMG_0362
  • IMG_0364
  • IMG_0365
  • IMG_0366
  • IMG_0367
  • IMG_0368
  • IMG_0371
  • IMG_0372
  • IMG_0373
  • IMG_0374
  • IMG_0375
  • IMG_0376
  • IMG_0377
  • IMG_0378
  • IMG_0380
  • IMG_0385
  • IMG_0394
  • IMG_0395
  • IMG_0396
  • IMG_0399
  • IMG_0400
  • IMG_0403
  • IMG_0405
  • IMG_0406
  • IMG_0998
  • IMG_0999

Our Year 2 children were excited this week when the Fire Brigade came to visit. The

children told them all about their Topic on The Great Fire of London and they talked

about the differences between putting a fire out now compared to1666


Build a Bear

IMG 5482 IMG 5481 IMG 5485 IMG 5486

                   Meet Storm and Sunny, our new class bears in Reception.


Open Morning

  • IMG_5435
  • IMG_5436
  • IMG_5439
  • IMG_5440
  • IMG_5441
  • IMG_5442
  • IMG_5443
  • IMG_5444
  • IMG_5445
  • IMG_5446
  • IMG_5447
  • IMG_5448
  • IMG_5449
  • IMG_5450
  • IMG_5452
  • IMG_5454
  • IMG_5455
  • IMG_5456
  • IMG_5458
  • IMG_5459
  • IMG_5460
  • IMG_5462

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our Open Morning. We had the best

turn out so far! The children loved showing what they have been learning in school.


So Many Books!!!

IMG 5403 IMG 5404 IMG 5405 IMG 5406


                IMG 5407                             IMG 5409

Our School Council visited Leeds School Library Service today to choose books for the

whole school. It was a hard job as there was so many fantastic books to choose from.


Kingswood 2018

Our Year 6 children spent the weekend at Kingswood on their annual residential. From

climbing the tower, to Nightline and abseiling, to den building, the children had the

time of their lives!

  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_22_25
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_23_44
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_24_20
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_24_49
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_25_21
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_25_51
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_26_21
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_26_52
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_27_22
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_27_53
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_28_20
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_28_48
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_29_18
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_29_43
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_30_15
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_31_02
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_31_31
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_31_57
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_32_27
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_32_59

  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_33_33
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_34_06
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_34_37
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_35_05
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_35_46
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_36_16
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_36_56
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_37_31
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_38_01
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_38_43
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_39_08
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_39_39
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_40_04
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_40_46
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_41_11
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_41_39
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_42_15
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_42_40
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_43_06
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_43_32
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_43_59
  • Capture 2018-10-14 08_44_22


Meet our new School Council

  • Amey Bowes
  • Angel Cunningham
  • Blake Morrall
  • Brooke Morrall
  • Carson Ellis
  • Charlie Tunstall
  • Coopa Ellis-Adams
  • David Moon
  • Elsie Linnecor
  • Harry Pickersgill
  • Haruna Sonko
  • JC0_0096
  • Jack Clay
  • Jack Parker
  • Jamie Crowther
  • Keira Chambers
  • Kiera Harris
  • Lacey Webster
  • Leah-Megan Sargent
  • Michael Birago
  • Nancy Archdale
  • Oscar Naylor
  • Skye Golden
  • Sonny Naylor

Head Boy: Haruna Sonko

Head Girl: Leah Megan Sargent

Deputy Head Boy: Jamie Crowther

Deputy Head Girl: Sienna Henry

Year 5: Jack Parker

Year 5: Amy Bowes

Year 5: Sonnie Naylor

Year 5: Keira Chambers

Year 4: Charlie Tunstall

Year 4: Kiera Harris

Year 4: Jack Clay

Year 4: Skye Golden

Year 3: Carson Ellis

Year 3: Lacey Webster

Year 3: Michael Birago

Year 3: Angel Cunningham

Year 2: Blake Morrall

Year 2: Coopa Ellis-Adams

Year 2: Harry Pickersgill

Year 2: Brooke Morrall

Year 1: David Moon

Year 1: Elsie Linnecor

Year 1: Oscar Naylor

Year 1: Nancy Archdale


We are going Water Friendly


Hunslet Carr Primary School is going Water Friendly from this week


Before the summer holidays the teachers and the governors at school made the

decision that from this September children in school should drink cold, fresh water to

keep them hydrated throughout the day.


We thought this would be a great idea because when Year 5 and 6 took a healthy

lifestyle survey last June it showed we need to do more.


Children from Hunslet Carr

Children in the rest of Leeds

Drink at least 1 sugary drink a day



Drink 1 fizzy or energy drink a day



Brush their teeth twice a day




We also know that the time of the day when children are most likely to not follow the school rules is about an hour after lunch when the children’s bodies and brains find it hard to cope with the sugar leaving their system.


How will we help your children to make healthier choices…


From today, the children in the hall drinking water are being rewarded with house points or Good to be Green behaviour points to encourage healthy choices. We are also providing water on the table for all children at lunch, including the children who bring a packed lunch.


We hope you will support us in helping your children make healthy lifestyle choices.




Why Water?


How does drinking water link to health?


  • Drinking adequate amounts of water regularly throughout the day can protect health and contribute to well-being
  • Drinking adequate amounts of water can help prevent a range of short and long-term health problems from headaches, bladder, kidney and bowel problems to cancer
  • Water has none of the health problems associated with drinks containing sugar, additives, sweeteners, acids or caffeine


  How does drinking water improve learning?


  • Keeping well hydrated throughout the day can help to boost learning capacity
  • When we are thirsty, mental performance deteriorates by 10%
  • Drinking water has also been linked to improved behaviour and concentration in the classroom.


Why is water the best choice?


  • Sugar sweetened drinks can cause tooth decay
  • Fruit juice should can be a healthy choice but only when consumed with a meal and no more than 150ml per day
  • Too much sugar in the diet can contribute towards weight gain
  • Sugar free and diet drinks can still promote a sweet taste preference and some can be acidic, which causes tooth enamel to weaken
  • By implementing a water only policy for all pupils across the whole day, this will promote
  • equality and consistency across the school
  • Finally, drinking water will provide financial benefits for parents who will no longer need
  • to purchase drinks to include in lunch boxes.



Last Coals to Leeds

P1070126    P1070121    P1070125


This year sees the 50th anniversary of the closure of Middleton Broom Colliery, which was a major
part of the local community for over 100 years.


To commemorate this event, Leeds City Council and Middleton Railway Trust have organised a
series of events under the banner of “Last Coals to Leeds”, which has been funded by the Inner
South Community Committee led by local councillors Kim Groves, Judith Blake and Paul Truswell.


As part of this project, a booklet entitled “Middleton Broom Pit – Canaries and Ponies” has been
Some of our Year 5 pupils attended a  special ceremony and were presented with their books at
the Moor Road station at Middleton Railway.This was followed by a train ride on the railway to
Middleton Park, very close to where the Broom Colliery used to be.




Inspiring Women Changemakers

Good luck to Christine Rayner and Vikkie Bryant who have been nominated for the Inspiring Women Changemakers awards. Please click the links below to read their stories 



Happy summer holidays to all of our staff, governors and families. Relax, have fun and stay safe.

We will see you all in september. 


If you are stuck for something to do over the summer holidays, click the links below for some ideas.

Summer Activity Calendar 2018

Hamara Summer Holiday Programme 2018


Leavers Assembly

20180703 0919060

And so we say goodbye to our Year 6 pupils, who move on to their next adventure to high school. We hope they have some fantastic memories from their time at Hunslet Carr and wish them well in the next stage of their lives.

We also say a fond farewell to some of our staff who are moving on. Mrs Schofield, Miss Coleman, Mr Litter-Moore, Mrs Bell, Miss Chadwick, Mrs Rush, Mr Wailes and Mrs Lonergan.

  • 20180703_0919060
  • 20180720_090451
  • 20180720_090515
  • 20180720_091627
  • 20180720_091837
  • 20180720_092959
  • 20180720_093027
  • 20180720_093029
  • 20180720_094433
  • 20180720_094508
  • 20180720_094600
  • 20180720_100021
  • 20180720_100933
  • 20180720_101017
  • 20180720_102600
  • 20180720_102721
  • 20180720_102816
  • 20180720_102831
  • 20180720_103530
  • IMG_5074


School Prom



When we were young


Our Year


Friends Forever



 Happy Retirement

 IMG 5074

We would like to wish a happy retirement to Mr Abbot, who has worked at Hunslet Carr for 22 years!


Prom 2018

Our Year 6 pupils attended their prom tonight and did us proud. They all looked fabulous in their prom suits and dresses. They danced and laughed the night away. In our eyes they are all prom kings and queens.

  • 20180719_172146
  • 20180719_172531
  • 20180719_172544
  • 20180719_173043
  • 20180719_173131
  • 20180719_173400
  • 20180719_173427
  • 20180719_173502
  • 20180719_173606
  • 20180719_173707
  • 20180719_174021
  • 20180719_174114
  • 20180719_174535
  • 20180719_174743
  • 20180719_175255
  • 20180719_175409
  • 20180719_175509
  • 20180719_175654
  • 20180719_180712
  • 20180719_180802
  • 20180719_180836
  • 20180719_181015
  • 20180719_181506
  • 20180719_183119


Election Day 2018

IMG 20180706 094608 resized 20180706 032041757


A huge well done to Leah Megan Sargent and Haruna Sonko, our new Head Boy and Girl for 2017/18.

Our Election Day Assembly was an exciting affair with a very special vistior. To read more and see more

photos from the day, visit our School Council Page.


Wear your colours day

Here at school, we are busy getting into a sporty mood with our sports days and the World Cup.


One person who is really looking ahead to a sporting challenge is Callum Rushworth in Year 5. Already

a multiple World Champion, he has been picked to represent England at the World Mixed Martial Arts

Championships later this year.


To help Callum with his expenses, we are asking all the children and staff to wear their favourite

sports kit on Tuesday 10th July and to make a small donation of 50p. We will also be selling buns at

playtime for 20p.


With our help Callum could retain his World title and prove Impossible really is Nothing!


High Expectations, Caring, Positive Attitudes and Successful (hopefully Callum can

be too!)



Sports Day 2018

20180705 121520


Our School Sports Day was another huge success this year. Thank you to everyone who were able to attend and cheer on the children who showed true sporting spirit.

  • 20180705_084340
  • 20180705_100142
  • 20180705_100150
  • 20180705_100204
  • 20180705_103353
  • 20180705_103951
  • 20180705_104001
  • 20180705_104042
  • 20180705_104341
  • 20180705_104455
  • 20180705_105102
  • 20180705_105104
  • 20180705_121520
  • 20180705_124634
  • 20180705_124743
  • 20180705_124905
  • 20180705_124911
  • 20180705_125132
  • 20180705_125158
  • Hazel
  • Oak
  • Yellow

A big well done to all of the winners of our Sporting Spirit awards.

  • 20180705_144412
  • 20180705_144432
  • 20180705_144439
  • 20180705_144507
  • 20180705_144526
  • 20180705_144538
  • 20180705_144545
  • 20180705_144609
  • 20180705_144619
  • 20180705_144641
  • 20180705_144644
  • 20180705_144657

Well done to Hazel Class who were overall winners in Lower KS2, Oak Class who were overall winners in Upper KS2 and Yellow Team who took away the School Sports Day trophy for 2018.

             Hazel             Oak            Yellow



Faith and Culture Day

We celebrated Faith and Culture Day with some very special visitors. Iain Cunningham from West Grange Church came to talk to the children about Christianity. The children heard about the Bible and the life of Jesus. Year 3 made collages about Noah and discussed the 10 commandments and Year 4 researched religious symbols and investigated British Values.

Helen Michael from Sinai Synagogue visited Reception, Yr1 and Yr2. The children learnt about the Sabbath and why it is so important to Jewish families. They even got to taste the special Challah Bread

Yr1 continued their day by learning about other important festivals and celebrations, like Eid.

Yr2 designed their own covers for the Challah Bread using the Jewish symbols Helen had told them about.

Jodie ran a Bollywood dance workshop for Reception, Yr1, Yr2 and Yr3. Everyone enjoyed putting the dances together with the exciting music.

Adam ran a Gamelin workshop for Reception, Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6. It was very noisy but great fun. The children got to experience a completely different form of music

Nabilah Karim from Leeds Grand Mosque visited Yr5 and Yr6 earlier in the week, where Yr5 investigated geometric patterns and designed their own prayer mats. Yr6 investigated religious symbols and their meanings. Later on they used Venn diagrams to show the similarities and differences between a variety of faiths. They were glad to see so many similarities, especially regarding respect, tolerance, sharing and being kind to others.

  • 20180621_091517
  • 20180621_091736
  • 20180621_093022
  • 20180621_093540
  • 20180621_095414
  • 20180621_103907
  • 20180621_110322
  • 20180621_110332
  • 20180621_110518
  • 20180621_110612
  • 20180621_110756
  • 20180621_110900
  • 20180621_111810
  • 20180621_113417
  • 20180621_113501
  • 20180621_113715
  • 20180621_113738
  • 20180621_114308
  • 20180621_115109
  • 20180621_115122
  • 20180621_121609
  • 20180621_121623
  • 20180621_133444
  • 20180621_135240
  • 20180621_140819
  • 20180621_141041
  • 20180621_141053
  • 20180621_141643
  • 20180621_141649
  • 20180621_143900

Science Week


This year, our whole school Science Day is based around nature and to celebrate our love of nature, all of the children are welcome to come dressed in something related to nature - e.g. animals, insects, plants or flowers. There will be prizes for the best dressed in each class!



Safeguarding Week

As part of our Safeguarding Week we are holding a coffee afternoon on Thursday 28th June 2.30-3.15 in the Community Room.. Carrie Parish, our Parent Support Worker and Andy Hinchcliffe, our Child Protection Officer will be there if anyone wants to have a chat. We will be holding a free raffle and would love to here any suggestions you may have regarding our school.


Open morning

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our open morning. The children loved showing off their fabulous work 

  • 20180524_091507
  • 20180524_091528
  • 20180524_091539
  • 20180524_091614
  • 20180524_091645
  • 20180524_091739
  • 20180524_091756
  • 20180524_092006
  • 20180524_092011
  • 20180524_092101
  • 20180524_092111
  • 20180524_092159
  • 20180524_092652
  • 20180524_092856
  • 20180524_093031
  • 20180524_093044
  • 20180524_093125
  • 20180524_093129
  • 20180524_093146
  • 20180524_093249
  • 20180524_093302
  • 20180524_093306
  • 20180524_094615


 Important information

If your child goes to high school in September please see below for:


Dates of Transition Meetings


Royds - 23rd May 1.30pm


Cockburn -  15th June 1.30pm


South Leeds/Cockburn John Charles - 19th June 1.45pm


Leeds City - 18th May 1.30pm


Rodillian – Monday 4th June 9.10am


Ruth Gorse – Completed


John Smeaton –No transition meeting.




Dates of Transition


Royds –16th – 20th July


Cockburn – 5th July 11.30am-2.30pm


South Leeds/Cockburn John Charles – 6th July all day


Leeds City - 12th July all day


Rodillian – 9th July


Ruth Gorse – Thursday 5th July


John Smeaton – Thursday 28th June


Royal Wedding 

  • IMG_4750
  • IMG_4752 1
  • IMG_4753 1
  • IMG_4754 1
  • IMG_4755
  • IMG_4756
  • IMG_4758
  • IMG_4760
  • IMG_4762
  • IMG_4763
  • IMG_4764
  • IMG_4765


This week we celebrated the upcoming marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Marcle. Our Nursery and Reception children dressed up as princes and princesses for the day.


Meet the candidates

We are excited to announce that the candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl 2018-2019 are:

Leah-Megan      Maya      Nay      Sienna

                                                     Leah-Megan     Maya                  Nay               Sienna

                               Sargent            Litwin                Ibrahim          Henry

                                Bradley     Haruna     Jack    Jamie

                                                           Bradley             Haruna             Jack                  Jamie

                                 Thornton           Sonko              Levitt                 Crowther


A Royal Picnic

royal picnic


Our January census picnic was a huge success! Thank you for your support with this. The May census

date is now approaching and, as in January, the school receives funding based on the number of

children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who have a free school meal on this one day!


This time, we will be having a Royal Wedding themed picnic. ALL children and staff are invited to our

picnic and can come to school in non-uniform. Preferred non-uniform would be something red, white or

blue or even dressing up as a king, queen, prince or princess.


All you need to do is give permission for your child to have a free school meal on Thursday 17th May.

This will be a picnic lunch that they can enjoy with their friends and teachers.


Please return the form on the bottom of the letter your child brought home by Thursday 10th May.

FYI…Allowing your child to have a FREE school meal can save you up to £420 per year in packed

lunch costs. Enquire at the school office if would like to swap your child onto FREE school dinners.



Cannon Hall Farm

Our Reception children took a trip to Cannon Hall Farm. They saw lots of animals while they were there including spring lambs, piglets and even got to watch the sheep race.

  • IMG_7358
  • IMG_7360
  • IMG_7361
  • IMG_7363
  • IMG_7365
  • IMG_7366
  • IMG_7370
  • IMG_7372
  • IMG_7376
  • IMG_7378
  • IMG_7379
  • IMG_7380
  • IMG_7382
  • IMG_7384
  • IMG_7424
  • IMG_7428
  • IMG_7429
  • IMG_7430
  • IMG_7435
  • IMG_7437
  • IMG_7438
  • IMG_7439
  • IMG_7449
  • IMG_7455
  • IMG_7457
  • IMG_7459
  • IMG_7462


Jamies Italian

  • 20180425_104624
  • 20180425_104652
  • 20180425_104655
  • 20180425_105848
  • 20180425_110001
  • 20180425_110046
  • 20180425_110111
  • 20180425_110148
  • 20180425_110257
  • 20180425_110344
  • 20180425_111343
  • 20180425_111417
  • 20180425_111719
  • 20180425_112736
  • 20180425_112749
  • 20180425_112901
  • 20180425_113327
  • 20180425_113334
  • IMG_20180418_105153988_BURST001
  • IMG_20180418_105306438
  • IMG_20180418_105716598
  • IMG_20180418_110318749_HDR
  • IMG_20180418_112123766_LL 1
  • IMG_20180418_113302423 1


Year 5 have visited Jamies Italian Restaurant, where they got the opportunity to make their own pasta and then have a tasting session.


Golden Envelopes

IMG 4565  IMG 4563  IMG 4564  IMG 4561

IMG 4558 IMG 4559 IMG 4560 


Our World Book Day golden envelope winners took a trip to the White Rose shopping centre, where they got to choose two books from WHSmiths and then went on to have a lovely hot Chocolate and a muffin.


KS2 Egg Decorating

IMG 4557 IMG 4556 IMG 4555 IMG 4554

IMG 4553 IMG 4552 IMG 4551 IMG 4550

Well done to all of our decorate an egg competition winners from KS2. Every year we say they can't get any better and every year our children prove us wrong.


KS1 Easter Bonnets

Well done to all of the children who took part in our Easter Bonnet parade.There were some fabulous bonnets and the children were proud to show the hard work they had put into them.

  • 20180328_134945
  • 20180328_1350050
  • 20180328_135013
  • 20180328_135019
  • 20180328_135415
  • 20180328_140423
  • 20180328_1405520
  • 20180328_141028
  • 20180328_141037
  • 20180328_141046
  • 20180328_141051
  • 20180328_141105
  • 20180328_141116
  • 20180328_141123
  • 20180328_141147
  • 20180328_141215
  • 20180328_141251
  • 20180328_141303
  • 20180328_141313
  • 20180328_141332
  • 20180328_141347
  • 20180328_141359
  • 20180328_141449
  • 20180328_145038
  • 20180328_145041
  • 20180328_145139
  • 20180328_145406
  • 20180328_145422
  • 20180328_145429
  • 20180328_145458


Easter Egg Decorating Competition

bonnets 1

From Monday 26th March - Wednesday 28th March we are running a KS2 Easter Egg Decorating Competition in school.

Children and their families can decorate their eggs in the most imaginative ways and bring them in to school to enter the competition.

Each morning from 8.15am the children can bring in their eggs to the hall where Breakfast Club staff will put them with the other eggs from their class.

On Wednesday afternoon at 3.30pm the eggs will be judged, so any entries after this time will not be entered into the competition.

On Thursday 29th a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winner from each class will be announced in our assembly.

Please ensure that all eggs entered in to the competition have your childs name and class on them and are hard boiled  before you decorate them to avoid messy spills if dropped.


EYFS and KS1 Easter Bonnet Assembly



On Wednesday 28th March we are holding our annual Easter Bonnet Competition. The competition will take place during 2 special assemblies:

Nursery and Reception 1.45-2.15

Yr1 and Yr2 2.30-3.10

You and your family are welcome to come along and listen to Easter songs and poems and find out which bonnets have won.

We hope you and your family enjoy making you bonnets over the coming days. If you are stuck for ideas please ask the teachers or a quick internet search will give you lots of inspiration.

Any children without bonnets will be making them in class on the morning of Wednesday 28th March so that every child has a bonnet to parade.

You may remember from Christmas that we can now only have 100 parrents in the hall at one time due to Fire Safety regulations.

If you would like on of the 100 tickets for the EYFS assembly or one of the 100 tickets for the KS1 assembly please either come to the school office or return the slip on the letter given to your child. Once the tickets have gone we won't be able to hand out more.


Sports Relief 2018

IMG 4469 IMG 4473 IMG 4475


IMG 4480 IMG 4488 IMG 4489

Thank you to everyone who came to school in their sports kits and donated 50p

in aid of Sports Relief 2018


Attendance Week

attendance week


Attendance week begins Monday 19th March. Look out for Pikachu on the playground. Staff will be giving out raffle tickets to parents for a daily draw with a chance to win a box of chocolates and then at the end of the week, all of the tickets will be put into a draw for a chance to win a £10 Morrisons voucher. Good luck!!


Sports Relief

stepup-logo 0


This Friday (23.03.2018) we are raising money for Sport Relief and the fantastic causes they support by wearing our favourite sports kits.

Your donation of 50p paid through will help support 100's of groups, clubs and people who are less fortunate than us.

So step up, wear your kit and let's raise as much money as we can for this great cause.


3rd time lucky

IMG 4428      IMG 4405      IMG 4404

This year it was 3rd time lucky for World Book Day. The Beast from the East came and went, the Pest from the West came and went and our very patient children waited and waited. Finally our children got to come to school in their PJ's or favourite book character.

IMG 4402  IMG 4406  IMG 4414  IMG 4416

IMG 4417  IMG 4421  IMG 4419  IMG 4413


100% March

We will be running our 100% March competition again, so make sure you come to school every day in March for a chance of winning a prize!


Let it snow!

The children (and staff) had lots of fun at break today. The beast from the east won't beat us! #impossibleisnothing

  • IMG_4315
  • IMG_4316
  • IMG_4317
  • IMG_4318
  • IMG_4320
  • IMG_4321
  • IMG_4322
  • IMG_4323
  • IMG_4324
  • IMG_4325
  • IMG_4326
  • IMG_4327
  • IMG_4328
  • IMG_4329
  • IMG_4330
  • IMG_4332
  • IMG_4333
  • IMG_4334
  • IMG_4335
  • IMG_4336
  • IMG_4337
  • IMG_4338
  • IMG_4339
  • IMG_4340
  • IMG_4343
  • IMG_4345
  • IMG_4347
  • IMG_4348
  • IMG_4351
  • IMG_4352


Wednesday 28th Feb

School will be open as normal today. Doors will open at 8.40am.


Tennis Tournament

Our year 3, 4 and 5 pupils enjoyed themselves when they competed in the S & C SSP Mini Tennis Tournament at South Leeds Academy.

  • IMG_4299
  • IMG_4301
  • IMG_4302
  • IMG_4303
  • IMG_4304
  • IMG_4305
  • IMG_4307


Skelton Grange Environment centre

Year 3 had lots of fun when they visited Skelton Grange Environment Centre. They built their own shelters from sticks and twigs and searched for wood for a campfire. The children were taught how to light their own fire and once this was done they boiled water for hot chocolate and made popcorn on the fire.

  • 20180220_091514
  • 20180220_093221
  • 20180220_093636
  • 20180220_093744
  • 20180220_093747
  • 20180220_094844
  • 20180220_095315
  • 20180220_103307
  • 20180220_103310
  • 20180220_103316
  • 20180220_103323
  • 20180220_103818
  • 20180220_104232
  • 20180220_104238
  • 20180220_104246
  • 20180220_105655
  • 20180220_105658
  • 20180220_105710
  • 20180220_111916
  • 20180220_111947
  • 20180220_120318
  • 20180220_133529
  • 20180220_134034
  • 20180220_134049
  • 20180220_134109
  • 20180220_134127
  • 20180220_134155
  • 20180220_134526
  • 20180220_134538
  • 20180220_141232
  • 20180220_141617
  • 20180220_141834
  • 20180220_141840


When I Grow Up

We had 3 visitors to Year 6 this week. They came in to inspire the children and told them how they achieved their dream jobs.

Our visitors were Roxanne Paulucci, who is a specialist nurse in hematology at Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. Matthew Whellan, an entrepeneur and accountant, who owns his own business, SW and P Accountancy in Horsforth and Terry Lowell, a published author of My Zombie Best Friend and who used to write comedy sketches for TV.

  • 20180222_122421
  • IMG_0356
  • IMG_0357
  • IMG_0358
  • IMG_0359
  • IMG_0361
  • IMG_0362
  • IMG_0363
  • IMG_0364
  • IMG_0365
  • IMG_0366


Mother Language Day

We celebrated Mother Language Day throughout school this week with some of our children teaching their peers how to speak in their home language.







Open Morning

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Open Morning. The children were very excited to show off how brilliant they are.

  • IMG_4186
  • IMG_4187
  • IMG_4189
  • IMG_4191
  • IMG_4192
  • IMG_4193
  • IMG_4194
  • IMG_4195
  • IMG_4196
  • IMG_4197
  • IMG_4198
  • IMG_4199
  • IMG_4200
  • IMG_4202
  • IMG_4203


Team Points

School Council took over our assembly this week to tell the children all about the people who represent our Houses. Here are the powerpoints they made for the assembly.

Malala Yousafzai


Ben Smith


Helen Butters


Martin Luther King Jr.

To see more photos from the day, please click here 


We are scientists!

Our Year 1 children became scientists for the day so they could investigate materials as part of their science topic work. They tested out different materials to build a floating boat.

  • 20180207_121816
  • 20180207_121921
  • 20180207_121941
  • 20180207_122025
  • 20180207_122034
  • 20180207_122550
  • 20180207_134656
  • 20180207_134738
  • 20180207_134824
  • 20180207_134927
  • 20180207_135140
  • 20180207_145346
  • 20180207_145400
  • IMG_20180207_083056
  • IMG_20180207_083318
  • IMG_20180207_093809
  • IMG_20180207_094700
  • IMG_20180207_094921
  • IMG_20180207_103143
  • IMG_20180207_111455
  • IMG_20180207_131857
  • IMG_20180207_144431
  • IMG_20180207_144624



Year 2 had some very special visitors in class this week. The lovely people from Jollyes Pet Store came to visit to help the children with their topic work on animals.

  • 20180123_134157
  • 20180123_134203
  • 20180123_134212
  • 20180123_134222
  • 20180123_134301
  • 20180123_134451
  • 20180123_134624
  • 20180123_134923
  • 20180123_135229
  • 20180123_135611
  • 20180123_135737
  • 20180123_1359290
  • 20180123_140828
  • 20180123_140918
  • 20180123_141356
  • 20180123_142258
  • 20180124_143113
  • 20180124_143522
  • 20180124_143621
  • 20180124_144210


Chinese New Year

IMG 11535b15d          IMG 11545b15d          IMG 11555b15d

IMG 11695b15d      IMG 11705b15d      IMG 11715b15d

This week our children celebrated the Chinese New Year. Our provision areas were set up so that the

children could engage in some Chinese activities.


Important Information


Dear Parent or Carer,


I am writing for the second time this year to remind you of our school’s vision.


High Expectations, Caring, Positive Attitudes and Successful.


We teach the children these qualities every day and remind them how important they are in lessons,

at playtimes, dinnertimes and assemblies.


Unfortunately, over the last week there have been a number of incidents of parents and carers on

our playground and on the phone to the office who are not following the vision.


Members of staff, who come to school to teach and help your children be the best they can be, have

been shouted at, verbally abused and threatened by a small group of parents and carers.


I want to make it clear that we will not accept this.


The Deputy, Faye Pashby or I will speak to parents and carers who fall below the standards we



If a Parent or Carer needs to be spoken to twice about their poor behaviour, we will work with

Leeds City Council to not allow them to enter our playground or phone the school until they can

show that their behaviour has improved and reflects our school ethos.


The vast majority of parents and carers, who bring their children every day, do so in a calm and

friendly manner. We want to make sure school continues to be a happy, positive and safe place for

our whole-school community. Thank you for your support.


Mr Martin Lumb


High Expectations, Caring, Positive Attitudes and Successful


Harry Potter

This week we held our anual Harry Potter sleepover. The children were first chosen by the Sorting

Hat and put in to their houses. Their knowledge was tested with a Harry Potter quiz and they had to

think of all of the Horcruxes before settling down to watch the film.

IMG 4166    IMG 4168    IMG 4170    IMG 4169

                 IMG 4172     IMG 4171     IMG 4167



Important Information


School gate parking enforcement vehicle update.


As a parent you will be aware of the issues surrounding school gate parking. Parking illegally or

inconsiderately not only causes inconvenience to local residents and undermines the school's efforts

to be a good neighbour, but it also creates a major road safety issue, causing danger to our children

and pedestrians crossing roads.

In a bid to combat illegal and dangerous parking near our school, we have been working with Leeds

City Council’s Uniformed Patrol Officers and the new parking enforcement vehicle to identify

dangerous and inappropriate parking. The vehicle uses camera / video footage which is then verified

by officials to identify where a parking offence has been committed. Fines are then issued.

Data from the Autumn term (September to December) shows that the mobile enforcement vehicle

made 190 visits to 52 different schools and issued 111 penalty charge notices. Uniformed officers,

who patrol on foot, made 772 visits to 41 different schools and issued 177 penalty charge notices.

These results highlight the shocking and persistent problem of inappropriate and dangerous parking

outside schools at the beginning and end of the school day.

It sounds obvious, but if you really do need to drive for the school drop off or pick up, then please

show some consideration for the safety and wellbeing of others. Don’t park on double yellow lines or

school "keep clear" markings, on pedestrian crossings or where a school crossing patrol officer

operates. Don’t block driveways, junctions, or cause an obstruction to pupils and other pedestrians

who are trying to cross roads. Rather than battle to find a space right outside the school gates or

in the car park, it is probably far easier to park slightly further away and walk the last 5 minutes. You

may well find that this is quicker, easier and far less stressful.

By parking in a legal and considerate manner, you will help to reduce congestion and pollution,

improve road safety for pedestrians needing to cross and improve the relationship of the school

with its neighbours.


Toni Tankard


Travel – Leeds City Council


Armley Mills

IMG 20180125 103400140

Year 5 took a trip back in time to the victorian times when they visited Armley Mills as part of their topic work. They attended a lesson and were put through the school drill. They also found out what work victorian children had to do in the mills.

To see more photos, visit our Year 5 curriculum page.


Pokemon Sighting


The children had a lovely surprise this morning when Pikachu turned up to our 1st day of Attendance Week. Pikachu will be on the playground every morning this week, so come and say hello.

  • IMG_4093
  • IMG_4095
  • IMG_4096
  • IMG_4097
  • IMG_4099
  • IMG_4101
  • IMG_4103
  • IMG_4105
  • IMG_4107
  • IMG_4109
  • IMG_4110


Attendance Week

This week is the first of our half termly Attendance Weeks. During this week, we will be focusing on the need for good attendance and punctuality in school. We will be holding competitions for the children and parents to enter.

Look out for members of staff and Pikachu in the playground every morning. We will be there to answer any questions or to discuss any attendance issues you may have.

For attendance facts and figures, please click here.

To see what you can do to increase your child's attendance, please click here.

To see what good attendance means, please click here.



Teddy Bears Picnic

All of our children, from Nursery to Year 6, brought in their favourite teddies for a huge teddy bears picnic.

  • IMG_4040
  • IMG_4041
  • IMG_4042
  • IMG_4043
  • IMG_4044
  • IMG_4045
  • IMG_4046
  • IMG_4047
  • IMG_4048
  • IMG_4049
  • IMG_4051 1
  • IMG_4052
  • IMG_4053
  • IMG_4055
  • IMG_4056
  • IMG_4057
  • IMG_4058
  • IMG_4059
  • IMG_4060
  • IMG_4061
  • IMG_4062
  • IMG_4063
  • IMG_4064

Leeds Museum

Year 3 have visited Leeds City Museum. They had lots of fun dressing up and learning all about the past.

  • 20180115_145304
  • 20180116_092507
  • 20180116_092518
  • 20180116_100940
  • 20180116_105120
  • 20180116_111116
  • 20180116_111127
  • 20180116_111135
  • 20180116_111334
  • 20180116_111807
  • 20180116_112408
  • 20180116_113455
  • 20180116_113457
  • 20180116_115341
  • 20180116_115402
  • 20180116_115446
  • 20180116_115459
  • 20180116_130104
  • 20180116_130143
  • 20180116_130338
  • 20180116_130529
  • 20180116_133645
  • 20180116_133857
  • 20180116_134016
  • 20180116_134221

Tennis Tournament

This week some of our KS2 pupils took part in The Jess Cluster Mini Tennis Tournament at The South Leeds Academy.

  • IMG_4019
  • IMG_4021
  • IMG_4023
  • IMG_4025
  • IMG_4026
  • IMG_4028
  • IMG_4030
  • IMG_4032
  • IMG_4033


As part of their topic work, Year 6 visited Whitby Abbey.They will be writing a recount, a diary entry and a ghost story all based around Dracular.

  • IMG_4022
  • IMG_4023
  • IMG_4024
  • IMG_4025
  • IMG_4026
  • IMG_4027
  • IMG_4030
  • IMG_4031
  • IMG_4032
  • IMG_4033
  • IMG_4034
  • IMG_4035
  • IMG_4036
  • IMG_4037
  • IMG_4038
  • IMG_4042
  • IMG_4043
  • IMG_4045
  • IMG_4046
  • IMG_4047
  • IMG_4049
  • IMG_4050
  • IMG_4051
  • IMG_4052
  • IMG_4053
  • IMG_4054
  • IMG_4055
  • IMG_4056
  • IMG_4057


Important Information

IMG 4035




30 web

Check out our Homework Page for your new Spring #30things Challenge Sheets. 


 Flu Immunisation

If your child is in years 1, 2, 3, 4 or Reception and missed the flu immunisation in school please click here


Important information

Clock 8.50



From Tuesday January 2nd 2018, our register will close at 9.10am. Any child who arrives at school after this time will receive an 'absent' mark. Remember school starts at 8.50am.



Takeover Day 2017



Hunslet Carr would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Christmas 17


Mums & Tots

A very special person visited our Mums and Tots Group this week.

  • IMG_3794
  • IMG_3797 1
  • IMG_3799
  • IMG_3802
  • IMG_3805
  • IMG_3808 1
  • IMG_3810 1
  • IMG_3812


Ice Skating

Main Ice

Year 5 took to the ice with ease when they visited Bradford Ice Arena.

  • IMG_3818
  • IMG_3820
  • IMG_3822
  • IMG_3823
  • IMG_3824
  • IMG_3827
  • IMG_3828 1
  • IMG_3830
  • IMG_3831 1
  • IMG_3832 1
  • IMG_3833
  • IMG_3834
  • Main



All of our Nativity performances are now complete. The children enjoyed performing and we hope you enjoyed watching.

  • IMG_3678
  • IMG_3679
  • IMG_3680
  • IMG_3682
  • IMG_3683
  • IMG_3686
  • IMG_3687
  • IMG_3689
  • IMG_3690
  • IMG_3691
  • IMG_3692
  • IMG_3695
  • IMG_3697
  • IMG_3698
  • IMG_3699
  • IMG_3702
  • IMG_3703
  • IMG_3705
  • IMG_3707



All of our pupils enjoyed Christmas lunch today. Christmas songs in the background, crackers on the table and lots of festive fun.

  • IMG_3720
  • IMG_3721
  • IMG_3722
  • IMG_3723
  • IMG_3724
  • IMG_3725
  • IMG_3726
  • IMG_3729
  • IMG_3730
  • IMG_3731
  • IMG_3732
  • IMG_3733
  • IMG_3734
  • IMG_3735


National Railway Museum

20171130 140412


Year 1 visited York National Railway Museum as part of their topic work on George Stephensons Rocket. To see more from the day click here to visit our Year1 Curriculum Page.


Anti-bullying Week

We held an exibition in school this week, showing all of the fabulous work the children had produced during Anti-bullying week. Thank you to all of the adults who were able to attend.

  • IMG_3521
  • IMG_3522
  • IMG_3523
  • IMG_3524
  • IMG_3525
  • IMG_3526
  • IMG_3527
  • IMG_3528
  • IMG_3529
  • IMG_3530
  • IMG_3531
  • IMG_3532
  • IMG_3533
  • IMG_3534
  • IMG_3535
  • IMG_3536
  • IMG_3543


Important Information

Dear Parent or Carer, below is a letter we recieved this morning. Please read.

Re: School Gate Parking and Leeds City Council's Parking and Enforcement Vehicle


We are writing to let you know that in a bid to combat illegal and dangerous parking near to schools, the council has invested in a new parking enforcement vehicle. The vehicle utilises the camera/video capacity to identify illegal, dangerous and inappropriate parking. Footage captured by the vehicle is verified by parking enforcement officers and where an offence has been committed fines will be issued.


As winter fast approaches, with the colder, wetter or icy weather it often brings and the darker mornings and afternoons, parents and carers need to be sensible and considerate when parking near school.

With this in mind, please park a little way away from the school gates, and remember the school has a breakfast club that starts at 8am and a Walking Bus scheme where children can be dropped off at the Peggy Tub Social from 8.20am every day to help ease congestion

Yours sincerely

Susan Walker & Becky James

Team Leaders - Influencing Travel Behaviour Team



Questions and Anwer session with Mr Lumb

IMG 3504 - Copy

On Friday 17th November, Mr Lumb met parents in the hall to answer a range of questions about the school. Below are a selection of the questions asked and the answers given so that you are kept up to date with what is happening.


Are children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3, 4, 5, & 6) doing Christmas plays this year?

No. A couple of years ago we decided that Year 6 would no longer take part in the Christmas plays as they put on a large production at the end of the Summer Term before they move to Secondary School.

This year we have taken the decision that Year 3, 4 and 5 will not perform a play at Christmas because of the difficulty involved in staging the play. Following our Fire Risk assessment we would need to perform the play 4 times to let all of the parents see it and this is on top of the 3 performances for EYFS and the performances for Key Stage 1.

For this reason Year 3, 4 and 5 will perform a play for the parents around the Easter holidays.


How are the children being taught spellings?

At the moment, children are bringing home spellings to learn as part of their homework and these are then tested in school. However, it is clear from looking at the work in the children's books that these spellings are not making a difference to the writing.

So from the Spring term teachers will dedicate at least 30 minutes a week to the teaching of spelling rules and patterns so that the homework will consolidate these skills and it will make a difference to the childrens spellings.


What will be happening to dinner time and after school clubs?

This term we have used an outside coaching company to run some of our dinner time and after school clubs however the quality of their coaches and the range of clubs they offer has fallen short of what we know and expect.

After Christmas we will be working with the Hunslet Boys Club to provide a wide range of dinner time and after school clubs such as Cheerleading, Street Dance, Multi-Skills and Rugby. These clubs will be for a range fo abilities and ages and we hope that children who enjoy coming to the clubs at school go on to join the same clubs at the Hunslet Club at the weekends.


If anyone has any other questions they would like to ask, please find Mr Lumb on the playground or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Anti-Bullying Week Exhibition

As you may know, over the past week in school Mrs Williams and all of the children have been taking part in anti-bullying week.

To celebrate all of the great work that the children have produced, we will be holding an exhibition in the school hall on Thursday 23rd November from 9am until 10am.

It is your chance to see work your child's class has produced and to learn about how we promote anti-bullying here in school.

We hope you can join us on Thursday and look forward to seeing you.


Children in Need 2017

IMG 3474


Thank you to all of the children who dressed up today to help raise money for Children in Need. Here are just some of our most spotacular, spottiest, dottiest children of the day.

  • IMG_3473
  • IMG_3474
  • IMG_3483
  • IMG_3485
  • IMG_3486
  • IMG_3487
  • IMG_3488
  • IMG_3491
  • IMG_3493
  • IMG_3494
  • IMG_3495
  • IMG_3496
  • IMG_3497
  • IMG_3498
  • IMG_3499
  • IMG_3500


Parent or Carer of a child in Year4 


Just to let you know about changes to your child's class teacher starting from Monday 20th November.

Ms Mitchell will not be in school for 3 months as she will be recovering from an operation.

To ensure that both Maple and Palm class receive the good standard of teaching you would expect, from Monday:

  • Maple Class will be taught full-time by Mrs List
  • Palm Class will be taught in the mornings by Mrs Standish and in the afternoon by Mr Wailes
  • Mr Wailes will continue to teach his small group of children in the mornings in the outside classroom.

If you have any questions about these changes, Mr Lumb will be available to speak today in the hall during the hall during the Questions and Answers session or on the playground on Monday Morning.

As with all our class teachers, Mrs List, Mrs Standish and Mr Wailes will be around at the start and end of each school day to collect and dismiss you child, so feel free to say hello.



Parents'/Carers' Evening

We will shortly be holding this term's parent's and carers' evening where you can find out how your child is doing both academically and socially. Last year we started to offer an evening and afternoon option and thought this worked well for parents. This term the two dates are:

  • Tuesday 21st November 3.30-6.30pm or
  • Thursday 23rd November 1.30-3.30pm

We believe these meetings are vey important for you to find out about your child and ask any questions you might have. It is also very important for your children to know you are in contact with their teachers and have a keen interest in their education.

If you are a working parent, please do not think you are inconveniencing the school by asking for an appointment after 5.30.

Our Parent Support Adviser, Carrie Parish and our Attendance Worker Lisa lilley will be available to discuss any problems you or you child may have:

  • Any concerns regarding transfer to High School, behaviour, bullying
  • Attendance - getting your child to school

They will be in the hall between 3.30 - 4.45pm on Tuesday 21st November. Please come in, have a free cup of coffee or tea and let us see if we can work out any problems together.

Mrs Wilson, the Special Needs Co-ordinator, will be available in her office if you have any concerns about your child. If you need to see Mrs Wilson, please indicate a time on the return slip your child has brought home.



 Walking Bus


Our school is delighted to be able to offer a 4 week trial of a Walking Bus Service and I am Writing to find out how many parents would use this service.

A walking school bus is a healthy, safe and fun way to travel to and from school. It is a scheme, which operates every school day and involves an organised group of children being picked up at a designated collection point and then safely escorted to our school by three adults.

Whilst chatting with their friends, the Walking Bus will provide children with regular physical activity and a chance to learn valuable road safety and pedestrian skills. It will also help to reduce the morning traffic and congestion from the main road outside the school.

From Monday 20th November 2017, the Walking Bus Team will meet at 8.20am in the top car park of the Peggy Tub Social Club. Parents can drop off their children from this time up until 8.40am where they will be safely cared for.

At 8.40am the children will safely cross Woodhouse Hill Road and then walk down the hill to the school playground, arriving just in time to join their class lines before the bell rings.

Are you interested?

Please let us know if you would like your child to take part in the scheme through completing the form on the letter your child has brought home and returning it by Friday 17th November 2017.

For health and safety reasons, we are only allowed to transport 24 children so we will let you know through text message if you have secured place(s) for your child(ren) or if they have been placed on a waiting list.

Kind Regards

Martin Lumb



Outdoor fun

  • IMG_0789
  • IMG_0808
  • IMG_0809
  • IMG_0899
  • IMG_0900
  • IMG_0901
  • IMG_0902
  • IMG_3458
  • IMG_3459
  • IMG_3460
  • IMG_3461

Our Nursery children have been having lots of fun this week in our out door provision areas.


Big G

IMG 3406 IMG 3407 IMG 3408 IMG 3412

IMG 3409 IMG 3410 IMG 3411

Well done to our first ever winners of the Big G Awards. These awards were voted for by staff and then our School Governors went through the nominees and chose winners.


Takeover Day 2017


Our Year 6 pupils and School Council took over the school on Friday as part of Takeover Day. With our Head Girl and Head Boy swapping places with Mr Lumb and our Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy swapping places with Miss Pashby. We had children working as teachers, office workers, dinner ladies and a premises manager.

  • IMG_3413
  • IMG_3414
  • IMG_3415
  • IMG_3418
  • IMG_3419
  • IMG_3420
  • IMG_3421
  • IMG_3422
  • IMG_3423
  • IMG_3424
  • IMG_3425
  • IMG_3426
  • IMG_3427
  • IMG_3428
  • IMG_3429
  • IMG_3430
  • IMG_3432
  • IMG_3433
  • IMG_3434
  • IMG_3435

  • IMG_3436
  • IMG_3437
  • IMG_3438
  • IMG_3439
  • IMG_3440
  • IMG_3441
  • IMG_3442
  • IMG_3443
  • IMG_3444
  • IMG_3445
  • IMG_3446
  • IMG_3447
  • IMG_3448
  • IMG_3449
  • IMG_3450
  • IMG_E3413
  • IMG_E3414
  • main


Star Baker?

GBBO flyer


The Great British Bakoff are looking for a new batch of bakers. If you think you have what it takes to be a star baker please click here


Cross Country

IMG 3367                            IMG 3369

Some of our year 4,5 and 6 pupils took part in the Leeds Cross Country Festival this week. Our Year 4's ran 900 metres and years 5 and 6 ran 1500 metres, proving impossible is nothing.


Back Seat Drivers

IMG 0788 IMG 0808 IMG 0809 IMG 0789

Nursery children had lots of fun when we opened our outside car role play area this week.



  • IMG_3346
  • IMG_3347
  • IMG_3348
  • IMG_3349
  • IMG_3350
  • IMG_3351
  • IMG_3352
  • IMG_3353
  • IMG_3359
  • IMG_3360
  • IMG_3361
  • IMG_3363
  • main

Our children visited South Leeds Academy to have their first taste of trampolining. 


Primary School Places, it's time to apply

Primary Places  

To see School Admissions frequently asked questions, please click here


100% November

100prcent 1


100% November is back and to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes, make sure you come to school everyday in November.

Prizes are:

1st prize - £20 Smyths Toy Store Voucher

2nd prize - Board Games

3rd prize - Mini Tri-Bot KS1/Cricket Set KS2


World Champion Gold Medalist

IMG 3316 1


A huge congratulations to our very own Callum Rushworth, who is now a World Champion after winning a gold medal at the WKA world championships. #impossibleisnothing


Harvest Festival

IMG 3198  IMG 3286  IMG 3287  IMG 3288

Thank you to everyone who donated food for our Harvest Festival. We even had fresh vegetables which were grown on our school allotment. This year we will be donating our food to Belle Isle Winter Food Bank.


Stay and Read

  • IMG_3211
  • IMG_3212
  • IMG_3213
  • IMG_3214
  • IMG_3215
  • IMG_3216
  • IMG_3217
  • IMG_3218
  • IMG_3219
  • IMG_3221
  • IMG_3222
  • IMG_3223
  • IMG_3224
  • IMG_3225
  • IMG_3226
  • IMG_3227
  • IMG_3228
  • IMG_3229

Thank you to everybody who were able to attend our Stay and Read afternoon. The children loved it.



IMG 3109  IMG 3138  IMG 3150  IMG 3171

We have had an exciting first half term. Reception visited Build a Bear Factory to make their Classroom Bears.Year 1 visited Leeds City Museum as part of their topic work on animals, Year 2 held a Great Fire of London themed day, where they dressed-up, baked bread and rebuilt London using recycled materials, Year 4 took a trip to Liverpool, where they visited the Beatles Museum as part of their topic work and Year 5 went to Tropical World in Roundhay as part of their topic on the Rain Forest. Please visit our curriculum pages to see more photos.

We then followed up on these trips with lots of excellent work produced in the classrooms.

  • IMG_3178
  • IMG_3179
  • IMG_3180
  • IMG_3181
  • IMG_3182
  • IMG_3183
  • IMG_3184
  • IMG_3185
  • IMG_3186
  • IMG_3187


Watch your speed

IMG 3309  IMG 3310  IMG 3311

This morning we worked with our local police raising awareness of speed and parking around school.


Kingswood 2017


Year 6 took their annual residential trip to Kingswood this weekend. All of the children and teachers had lots of fun, taking part in the leap of faith, zipwire, archery and problem solving and lots of other fun outdoor activities.They all represented the school fabulously and proved impossible is nothing. To see more photos from their exciting weekend, visit our Year 6 curriculum page.


Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

IMG 3036                 IMG 3037

Thank you to everyone who brought in buns and cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. We had a fabulous turnout and raised lots of money for a very good cause. We will keep you posted on the final total.

Rebecca Gallantree

IMG 3018

This week our pupils met a real life athlete. Rebecca Gallantree visited our school. Rebecca, who is a British diver, took part in the 2012 Olympic Games and with Alicia Blagg, won gold at the 2014 Common Wealth Games in the women's 3m synchronised springboard. Rebecca put our children through their paces in a circuit of mini activities. The children loved taking part and were inspired when Rebecca held our whole school assembly and told the children all about her career as a diver.

  • IMG_3002
  • IMG_3003
  • IMG_3004
  • IMG_3005
  • IMG_3011
  • IMG_3012
  • IMG_3013
  • IMG_3014
  • IMG_3016
  • IMG_3017
  • IMG_3018
  • IMG_3019
  • IMG_3020
  • IMG_3022
  • IMG_3023


Children's Mayor


On Wednesday 20th September Aadil Zaheer met our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. Aadil is a Year 6 pupil from New Bewerley who is a candidate for the Leeds Children's Mayor. He came to talk to Key Stage 2 about his manifesto and all of his ideas for bringing parents and children together more. Tomorrow KS2 classes will be voting for the next Leeds Young Mayor and we will find out who has won next Wednesday.


IMG 0613     IMG 0615     IMG 0623




Sports Hall Athletics

This week some of our children took part in the Jess Cluster Sports Hall Athletics qualifying heat. They smashed nearly every race to win the round and are now through to the Trophy Final. Well done!!

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7


Lots of research

                  FullSizeRender 18           FullSizeRender 22             FullSizeRender 20

Year 5 had a very special vistor this week who helped them research where the Anglo Saxons came from.


Great Fire of London

FullSizeRender 1


As part of their Topic work, Year 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. Summer was very excited to tell Miss Pashby all about what she had learnt. To see more photos visit our Year 2 Curriculum Page.


Growth Mindset

Hannah 1        Hannah 2


Year 3 were very lucky to have a visitor to their classes today to talk about Growth Mindset. Hannah Couthurst, who played Table Tennis for Britain in the Common Wealth Games in 2010, came in to talk to the children about team work, resilience, supporting each other and never giving up.


Growth Mindset

As part of their topic work, Year1 have been working on their Growth Mindset. This week the children read the book 'Giraffe's can't Dance'and to help with their own persevering skills were lucky to have a visit from a dance group who taught them a Lion King dance which was performed infront of their parents.

Cherry Class


Plum Class



Impossible is nothing


Congratulations to Callum Rushworth who proved impossible is nothing during the summer when he represented England as part of the WKA England team and walking away with gold, silver and bronze medals!!!

Callum is now the British champion on his weight category 28kg and has qualified for World Championships in the 2018 team England squad.




If you are looking for something to do with your children over the summer holidays please click here



Well done to Chloe Minteh who won Scholar of the Year and Lumiere Mbata who won Sports Person of the year.

                             Chloe               Lumiere


Leavers Assembly

Today we said goodbye to our current year 6 pupils. Speeches were made, stories were told and tears were shed. We want to wish all of our year 6 children all the best in their transition to high school.

 Year in Pictures


Friends forever


Year 6 Prom 2017

Our year 6 pupils dessed up to the nines for their Prom and ended their final year at Hunslet Carr 
with style.    



Sandon Mount Allotment & Community Gardens Wildlife Pond Digging

Sandon mount

An old stone sink sunk in the wild flower garden attracted frogs, which amazed the children and inspired the volunteers to create a wildlife pond and garden.

The Greencore BUET at Leeds wanted to get involved, so offered their services to dig out he pond in the wildlife area. Picking a perfect summers day, the team put on their gardening gear and spent 4 hours digging the base of the pond. It was a great team building, community spirited afternoon which has given them want to help complete the project.



Yorkshire Wildlife Park



To see more photographs from the day please visit our Year 3 Curriculum Page.


Big Birthday Weekend

FullSizeRender 7                  FullSizeRender 6

Will you be attending the Big Birthday Weekend?

For more information please click here



IMG 0386



Year 2 visited Sundown this week on their end of year trip. The sun shone for us and the children

were a credit to the school. Visit our Year 2 Curriculum Page to see more photos from the day.


School Council

This week we said thank you to our School Council, who have worked hard this year, with a trip to

Hollywood Bowl.

  • DSCF6162
  • DSCF6163
  • DSCF6164
  • DSCF6166
  • DSCF6168
  • DSCF6169
  • DSCF6171
  • DSCF6172
  • DSCF6180
  • DSCF6184
  • DSCF6185
  • DSCF6205
  • DSCF6208


Important information


We are delighted to inform you that we have recently signed up to the online payment system SchoolMoney. This means that you will now have the facility to make payment for school expenses, such as trips, online with your credit card. To find out more please click here



Year 1 visited Filey on their end of year trip. To see how much fun they had, visit Yr1 Curriculum Page.



Transition Day

We had lots of excited children today as they spent the day in their new classrooms and met their new teacher.

  • IMG_2359
  • IMG_2363
  • IMG_2364
  • IMG_2365
  • IMG_2366
  • IMG_2367
  • IMG_2368
  • IMG_2369
  • IMG_2370
  • IMG_2371
  • IMG_2372
  • IMG_2375
  • IMG_2377
  • IMG_2378
  • IMG_2379
  • IMG_2380
  • IMG_2381
  • IMG_2382
  • IMG_2383
  • IMG_2384
  • IMG_2385
  • IMG_2386
  • IMG_2387 1
  • IMG_2389
  • IMG_2390
  • IMG_2391
  • IMG_2392



School Council

Meet our candidates

DSCF6001 DSCF6005 DSCF6007 DSCF6008


     DSCF6002 DSCF6006 DSCF6004 DSCF6009


This week was a very exciting week at Hunslet Carr as we elected our new Deputy Head Boys and Girls. The candidates explained their manifestoes during our Election Assembly and then all of the children voted in the polling station in our community room.

  • DSCF6001
  • DSCF6002
  • DSCF6004
  • DSCF6005
  • DSCF6006
  • DSCF6007
  • DSCF6008
  • DSCF6009
  • AG0151
  • AG0173
  • AG0341
  • AG0350
  • DSCF6014
  • DSCF6020
  • DSCF6022
  • DSCF6023
  • DSCF6026
  • DSCF6029
  • DSCF6030
  • DSCF6032
  • DSCF6035
  • DSCF6037
  • DSCF6039
  • DSCF6041
  • DSCF6042
  • DSCF6043
  • DSCF6044
  • DSCF6045
  • DSCF6046
  • DSCF6047
  • DSCF6065
  • DSCF6066
  • DSCF6067
  • DSCF6068
  • DSCF6069
  • IMG_0107
  • IMG_0154
  • IMG_0155 1
  • IMG_0157
  • IMG_3454
  • IMG_3455
  • IMG_3456
  • IMG_3457
  • RLY_0168



 Congratulations to our new Head Boy, Harley and Head Girl, Abigail and their deputies, Brandon & Shumi.



Science Week

We kicked off Science Week with some fantastic experiments.

  • DSCF6050
  • DSCF6051
  • DSCF6053
  • DSCF6054
  • DSCF6056
  • DSCF6057
  • DSCF6058
  • DSCF6060
  • DSCF6061
  • DSCF6063
  • DSCF6064
  • DSCF6071
  • DSCF6073
  • DSCF6074
  • DSCF6075
  • DSCF6076
  • DSCF6077
  • DSCF6078
  • DSCF6079
  • DSCF6080
  • DSCF6081
  • DSCF6083
  • DSCF6085
  • DSCF6086
  • DSCF6087
  • DSCF6088
  • DSCF6089
  • DSCF6090
  • DSCF6091
  • DSCF6092



100% Attendance

This week we celebrated 35 of our children who had 100% attendance for the whole year with a trip to Headingley. The lucky children got to take a tour of the rugby ground where the Leeds Rhinos play and had a sneaky peak behind the scenes in the dressing rooms.

  • DSCF6093
  • DSCF6096
  • DSCF6097
  • DSCF6099
  • DSCF6102
  • DSCF6103
  • DSCF6105
  • DSCF6106
  • DSCF6110
  • DSCF6112
  • DSCF6113
  • DSCF6114
  • DSCF6115
  • DSCF6119
  • DSCF6124
  • DSCF6125
  • DSCF6126
  • DSCF6128
  • DSCF6129
  • DSCF6130
  • DSCF6131
  • DSCF6133
  • DSCF6134
  • DSCF6135
  • DSCF6136
  • DSCF6137
  • DSCF6138
  • DSCF6140
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Year 6 had an early start when they set of on their trip to London. Everyone met at Leeds Station and two hours later arrived at Kings Cross. First stop was the National History Museum. The children were amazed by the dinosaurs and the earthquake room. Next stop was Downing Street but the Prime Minister, being the busy woman that she is, wasn't home. From here the children took in the sights as they walked down The Mall on their way to Buckingham Palace. The children were fantastic throughout the day and had a brilliant time.

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