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Welcome to Hunslet Carr Primary School




At Hunslet Carr Primary School we are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of governors who are skilled in their role as key strategic decision makers and vision setters. We believe that effective school governance is at the centre of a good school and we do all we can to promote and develop our governors through our work across the school.



Our governing body consists of fourteen governors, and they serve a term of office for four years


although this can be shorter if they wish. The main aim of our governors is to ensure that school


provides an outstanding education to its children and to improve standards.



Children are at the heart of everything we do at Hunslet Carr Primary School and we work hard to


make sure that all our children believe that they can be anything they want to be. We hope that


they are excited and curious about the world around them and develop the life skills they will need


to be happy, successful, confident and resilient young people.



Our school has a community feel, and it is our vision that all young people at Hunslet Carr Primary


School will have High Expectations, be Caring, have Positive Attitudes and be Successful.  Our


children benefit greatly from the strong partnerships and sense of common purpose which the


school has developed with our governors, parents, local schools and the community.



You may already be familiar with who we are and what we do, but if you would like more


information, please click on the links below to find out more or contact us through the school


office on 0113 2713804.



Mrs Claire Burgess                    Chair of Governors                 




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Governors’ News


It's been a busy month for the governors. All of the Governors' Sub Committees have met this month

to find out information about the schools Budget (Resources Committee), how well we are supporting

our most vulnerable children (Pupil Support Committee) and what standard of education the children

are receiving (Teaching Review Group). At all three committees, the governors were presented with a

range of information from school leaders.

Highlights include:


  • The school had a successful Teaching and Learning Review carried out by 3 members of the Leeds

     City Council's education department. They were impressed by the way we have made changes to

     how we teach Reading and Writing.


  • The school's budget is being used effectively, and the extension to the SEND house has been finished.


  • Our behaviour tracking is showing that 97% of children in school behave extremely well every day.


Finally, with only three weeks left before the Christmas break and with the children working hard to

get ready for up-coming Christmas concerts, I would on behalf of all of the governors of Hunslet Carr,

like to thank Mr Lumb and all of the teachers and staff for the hard work they have undertaken in

2018. More importantly, I would like to thank the children for working equally as hard and

congratulate both the teachers and children for the successes they had in the last year. I would like

to wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thank you and kind regards

Claire Burgess

Chair of Governors




High expectations, Caring, Positive Attitudes and Successful

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Pupil Support 14.11.2018 

 JRG 26.11.2018

 Resources 28.11.2018

 Mr Martin Lumb



Y   Y  Y  Y  Y              

 Ms Carla Foster




 Miss Clare   Davidson




 Y  Y

 Mr Kevin Birkin




 Y Y Y 

 Mrs Claire   Aldridge





 Mr Iain   Cunningham



   Y  Y

 Mrs Yvonne   McMullen Resigned 26.09.2018





 Mrs Claire





 Mrs Olamide






 Mrs   Sarah Garden





 Miss Minoti   Parikh





 Mr Martyn   Stenton Resigned 26.09.2018







 Mr Paul   Wray


 Y  N

 Claire   Krasinski


 Y  Y Y

Amy Paoli



 Key - Y=  In attendance, N= Not in attendance and apologies either not received or not accepted, A = Apologies received and accepted, Res = Resigned from GB

To see our Governors' Register for 2017/18, please click here

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