Pupil Premium - NEW for 2017-18 Pupil Premium Attendance Tracker

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A key part of our Pupil Premium Strategy is to ensure that we raise and maintain levels of Attendance and Punctuality of our Pupil Premium children:

a. in-line with Non PP attendance

b. in-line with our School and National Attendance Target of 96%




  • Important for your child's future e.g. Given every opportunity to access personalised learning and resources to achieve,
  • Build on consistent learning from the previous day/week/unit of work,
  • Enhances key social and emotional skills e.g. through friendships and positive relationships with school staff,
  • Develop a sense of responsibility; a key life-skill for the future,
  • Provides the best possible start to your child's educational journey.



Autumn 1 Half Term Attendance and Punctuality Headlines


· PP Attendance Vs. Non-PP children is higher in 5 classes, inc. cohorts Y3 and Y6.


· 1/2 of all classes across school are at or above the 96% (National and School) Attendance Target.


· Punctuality of PP children in 3 classes is better than Non-PP children. At the same time last year, there were no classes where PP children were more punctual than Non-PP children, showing a positive early indication our new Attendance Officer is having.


· In a further 8 classes, the % of lates has reduced from Aut 1 2016, including the current Willow class (-4.32% difference in Aut 1 2016 to -0.63 in Aut 1 2017)




As a result…


· Apple Class (Reception), Year 2 and Year 5 have the largest difference in attendance % and will be a focus for further analysis with Faye Pashby, Lisa Lilley (Attendance Officer) and the PP Champions. This will take the form of individual pupil analysis to see if it is Persistent Absentees, holidays effecting this figures and then identify appropriate interventions.


· The Walking Bus to start Autumn 2, where the impact on PP punctuality will be monitored.