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PUPIL PREMIUM AUDIT FORM     School or Academy: Hunslet Carr       Date: 2016-17

Area of provision




Awareness of Pupil Premium and associated issues

School leaders are aware of Pupil Premium funding and how much the school is currently receiving and one member of the Leadership Team has been identified as having responsibility for Pupil Premium. Recent reports on the subject from eg Ofsted have been downloaded and read but have not yet been acted upon. A policy is being written with governors.

School leaders are aware of Pupil Premium funding, know the total amount in each of the previous two years and have successfully responded to recommendations in recent reports on the subject from eg Ofsted. An appropriate person has attended recent relevant training on the subject and is beginning to provide leadership based on what has been learnt. An effective policy has been adopted by the Governing Body, and a link governor is becoming involved in the development of Pupil Premium provision.

School leaders, including relevant governors and appropriate teaching and learning staff, are fully aware of Pupil Premium funding and precisely how it has been, and is currently being, used in the school. Recent reports on the subject from eg Ofsted have been readunderstood and acted upon fully. The policy has been reviewed at least once. School leaders are aware of, and prepared for, proposed future changes to PP funding. A designated member of the leadership team has a precise understanding of how the Pupil Premium is being spent, and a link governor is involved appropriately in Pupil Premium systems.

Notes and evidence:

PP folder (including Action Plan, audit, strategy document, key documents on SLT drive), GB minutes (including Resources Committee). Notes and PowerPoint slides from training (eg NOVAC report).  PPL to complete recommended strategy template and send to consultant for comments. Latest version of policy to be approved by GB January 2017. PPL to meet with Link Governor to update him on Autumn term data and strategic adjustments to provision.


PP Policy approved at Governors Meeting.

PP Lead met with James Annett (Link Gov) to discuss current PP provision. JA to check Pupil Premium section to ensure website compliant.

SLT and Link Gov worked through Pathways to Success document to inform future PP spending.

Compile all results of P to S document and create an overview of current provision, based on SLT/Gov Views.


Booked PP Gov and PP Lead onto  Achievement for All: Diminishing the Difference Conference 20th March


Strategy completed and on website. Strategy includes a breakdown of costings for 2/3rd of financial year.

Policy to be updated on website.

Financial management of Pupil Premium funding

Pupil Premium income is clearly identified in the budget although expenditure has not historically been separately accounted for (disaggregated). However, this is being rectified during the current financial year.

Pupil Premium income is separately identified in the budget but expenditure has only recently begun to be disaggregated. Financial reporting  now includes an estimated breakdown of ‘notional’ Pupil Premium spend by initiative, (and per pupil where appropriate), and the Head Teacher / Principal makes reference to Pupil Premium spending in their Termly Report to Governors, leading to informed questioning by governors.

Pupil Premium funding is identified in the budget and estimated, and where possible actual, spending is clearly disaggregated for specific initiatives targeted at those pupils who receive it. Separate reports of the use of Pupil Premium funding are produced at appropriate intervals for the Governors’ Finance Committee, leading to governor involvement in strategic decisions. Plans are in place to modify provision in the light of predicted changes to the amount of PP funding and the relative value for money of different interventions in terms of their impact on pupils’ achievement.

Notes and evidence:

Finance papers, spreadsheets, Resource Committee minutes, HT’s reports. PPL to discuss RAISE questions with Link Governor and allocate these and consultant’s questions to governors in GB if appropriate. PPL, SENCo and SBM to pilot a spreadsheet with one Y4 class to evaluate the strategic effectiveness of systems / actions and approaches.

Strategies used to raise the achievement of pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding (including evaluation)

Pupil Premium funding is being used principally to sustain a limited range of existing strategies, although new uses are being piloted in the light of recently published external research. The quality of outcomes has yet to be fully evaluated, although RAISEonline data has been noted. Teachers and other practitioners are aware of those pupils who are in receipt of Pupil Premium and beginning to be involved in some decisions about how it will be spent. Governors receive periodic reports on how the Pupil Premium is being used in the school.

A complete review of intervention strategies has recently been completed, resulting in appropriate changes to the provision for all pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, regardless of ability. A range of broadly targeted interventions is in place, and internal evidence of the relative effectiveness of each one is beginning to accumulate, including a detailed evaluation of RAISEonline and tracking data. Teachers and other practitioners are fully aware of those pupils who are in receipt of Pupil Premium and have some say in how it will be spent. Eligible pupils receive feedback on their learning and are beginning to understand how they learn. Governors make a limited contribution to the evaluation and planned use of Pupil Premium funding.

A wide range of forensically targeted and well-delivered interventions based on individual pupils’ learning, emotional and behavioural needs, has been in place for at least three terms. The relative effectiveness of each intervention is routinely evaluated by staff and governors, using detailed evidence from rigorous action research within the school, as well as the findings of national and international studies and reports. Teachers and other practitioners regularly discuss the relative performance of those pupils who are in receipt of Pupil Premium and routinely play a full part in deciding which strategies might be appropriate to individual pupils. Eligible pupils regularly receive effective additional feedback on their performance and are aware of how they can maximise their own learning.

Notes and evidence:

Backs of TAs lanyards, class context sheets. GB minutes. Pupil Progress Meeting minutes. Inclusion team meeting minutes (eg in-class responses). PPL to conduct learning walk with Link Governor throughout the school, including pupil conferences about readiness for learning. PPL to work with PPCs to pilot BLP approach on Resourcefulness with half of their PP children (evaluation in Summer Term).

W/c 26th January

PP Champions led Pupil Interviews to identify a range of opinions on learning with PP children.

Pp Champions to focus on key support and update to PP lead fortnightly.

Pilot of BLP project will be used from Autumn 2017 to ensure effectiveness of quality provision in the new ‘champion’ roles.


SLT Meeting on ideas for future spending of PP money based on current and perceived future needs. (See SLT minutes)


Positive Learning walk and observations of PP Interventions (both in class and specific programmes) by PP Lead and PP Consultant (see separate evaluation)

Organise a learning walk with PP Gov during a school day.

Ensure RAISE EYFS data is updated on the PP Strategy Document.

Reporting the existing and planned use of the Pupil Premium to stakeholders

Governors are aware of the extent and nature of Pupil Premium interventions through discussions at meetings although they do not yet have sufficient data to evaluate their effectiveness. The school’s self-evaluation documentation makes broad references to the use of Pupil Premium funding. A brief Pupil Premium strategy statement can be accessed on the school’s website.

Governors are well informed about the extent and nature of Pupil Premium interventions through written reports, and are beginning to use data to form a view on which strategies are having the intended effect. The school’s self-evaluation and improvement documentation makes detailed references to the use of Pupil Premium, including some evaluation of impact, and any additional benefits for ineligible pupils. The school’s website has a readily accessible section on Pupil Premium Strategy which includes a clear report and plan, a general breakdown on how the money has been and is being spent, but limited evidence of impact.

Governors are well informed about the extent and nature of Pupil Premium interventions through written reports and detailed discussions at the relevant committees. Comprehensive data enables them to form a view on which strategies are having the intended effect. The school’s self-evaluation documentation makes comprehensive references to the use of Pupil Premium, including a full evaluation of impact. The school’s website has a section on Pupil Premium Strategy which includes a specific breakdown of estimated past and future expenditure, as well as a detailed and accurate report of the relative effectiveness of interventions used on eligible and ineligible pupils (in a manner which protects the confidentiality of those receiving additional funding).

Notes and evidence:

Minutes of GB, SEF, School Development Plan. PPL to work with the SLT to further refine PP elements of SEF, including evaluation of impact by intervention. PPL and Link Governor to develop further the GB’s strategic involvement in PP provision (including questioning for challenge – see also above)


PP Lead and PP Gov met and discussed current provision and took part, with the Leadership team in auditing current provision and ideas for future spending. (See SLT minutes)

School Action Planning to reflect further the focussed work on diminishing difference with our PP and Non-PP children. E.G. Attendance, Maths, English

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