School Council

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Wednesday 7th February
This afternoon the School Council led their first assembly to KS1/Reception and KS2. 
We spoke to the school about the people who represent our Houses and what they can do to earn
team tokens. We were nervous but enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one!

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Monday 5th February


The teachers in school were asked to choose one child in their class who goes the extra mile in school


for the next round of Big G' Awards. Mrs Earnshaw read why the children were chosen then the School


Council voted with their feet to choose the top 3. The winners will be announced soon!


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Wednesday 31st January

OTI Headteachers’ Meeting


This morning a selection of SC members, including the Head Boy, Harley and Head Girl, Abigail met


some Headteachers who were interested in what happens in our classrooms.


They asked a lot of questions, including

  • How do your teachers make your lessons exciting?
  • What was the best lesson you had?
  • How do you know you’re doing well?

Everyone had something to say and enjoyed showing off their hard work in their books which they


brought to show.


This afternoon School Council finished their presentations for their assemblies next week. We are


excited but nervous too!


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School Council News:


So far we are having a great start to 2018 and we have a lot to look forward to. In school we have been

working on playground buddies, interviewing children about Pupil Voice and we are currently working on

our first assembly to the whole school. We are going to be talking to the children about who the people

are who represent our Houses. We’re excited but a little bit nervous too. We also have an interview next

week, which we are looking forward to!


During the children interviews we found out that we need to tell the rest of the school what we are

doing and how they can find out. We are going to have Opinion Boxes in every year group where

children can write down their concerns, show them how to get on our page on the school website plus

run assemblies to inform everyone what we are busy doing.


We hope you’ve had a good start to the year.

Thank you for reading.

Abigail and Harley.



Wednesday 24th January




This afternoon Abigail shared what she found out from the pupil interviews last week. We


discussed ways we can improve how the children in school can find out what we are doing and


what's upcoming. After this everyone got into their House Team groups to continue with their




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Monday 15th January


This afternoon Abigail and Brandon have been conducting pupil interviews about School Council and


Pupil Voice within the school.


We are going to analyse this in our next meeting so that we can continue to improve our school.


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Wednesday 3rd January


Happy New Year from the School Council!


We have lots of jobs this year including: playground Buddies, opinion boxes and sorting rewards for our


house system.


Please watch our short film from Takeover Day.


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School Council News:


Happy New Year!


We have a lot happening this year in School Council. This half term we are looking at improving our

whole school House reward system by having an exciting reward at the end of the school year for the

house team that has collected the most tokens. We are also going to be writing to our local MP, Hilary

Benn, and inviting him to our annual Election for the next Head Boy and Head Girl.


In school we are continuing with playground buddies and we want to have Opinion Boxes in every

classroom so that children can tell us what they think of our school and we can then help to improve



Thank you,


Abigail and Harley.


Wednesday 14th November 2017

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This week we talked about Takeover Day. It was such a good day! We all shared something. Here are some of the quotes:



"My best bit was being with Miss Pashby, walking around the school with her and tasting the green smoothie. We also got to phone someone and hire them! We interviewed her the day before!"  Brandon, Deputy Head Boy.


"I liked meeting different children, learning their names and finding out about what they were interested in at school." Jack.


"My favourite part was the assembly and going into Mr Lumb's office to be filmed" Harley, Head Boy.






 Wednesday 8th November 2017

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This afternoon Year 6 joined us to find out what we're doing on Takeover Day. Everyone is excited! Especially about Number Bond Challenge and the Times Tables Challenge!



Tuesday 31st November 2017

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This afternoon we chose 3 children for the Governor's Awards from a list provided by the teachers. It was a tough choice! The children will be announced next week.

We then planned some Growth Mindset challenges for KS1 and LKS2. There were some great ideas! We're looking forward to Takeover Day next Friday and we can't believe how close it is!


School Council News

Takeover Day is coming! Next Friday we are going to be taking over the school! We have been very busy planning the day and the activities. We are so excited! Year 6 have filled in application forms which have been accepted and read through.

As well as Takeover Day we have interviews coming up and we want to bring Playground Buddies back.


Abigail and Harley.


Monday 16th October

IMG 4989  IMG 4991  IMG 4992


This afternoon we began to plan for Takeover Day, including looking over all of the application forms we have received from our Year 6 children. We can't wait for Takeover Day?



Monday 9th October


This afternoon the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl took lead on the School Council meeting and led two activities about what is good about our school and how they think we could improve certain areas. The girls encouraged each member of their groupsl to speak their mind and were great role models.

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Monday 2nd October


IMG 0106                                   IMG 0107


This week we have looked at how to improve our section of the website and telling the school about ourselves for our display board in the hall. We are going to speak to our classes about the website so that everyone knows where they can find information and what we have been up to.

We wrote a little bit about ourselves including why we're looking forward to being in the School Council this year. Have a read when the display goes up!


School Council News

Welcome to our second newsletter, to keep you informed with what School Council have been discussing here are a few things we have been talking about:

  • We are starting to think about Takeover Day this year so that everyone can join in, on this once in a lifetime opportunity. This year Takeover Day is on Friday 10th of November.
  • We have helped to update the display in the school reception area with things that we think are really good about the school.
  • We have voted in the Leeds Mayoral Elections. We voted for Aadil Zaheer (who goes to new Bewerley Primary School) and who visited us to tell us why we should vote for him.
  • The final thing we have been talking about is democracy; which means a fair vote.

Thank you, Abigail and Harley, (Head Girl and Boy)


School Council 2017-18

On Monday 25th September, School Council held their first meeting. Each class from Year 2 to Year 5 have voted for their new representatives. We are all looking forward to working together as a team and have lots of work to do!                                    

 Members of the School Council




 Head Boy: Harley Short

Head Girl: Abigail Woolford

Deputy Head Boy: Brandon Short

Deputy Head Girl: Shumirai Bvuma

Year 5: Jack Levitt

Year 5: Maya Litwin

Year 5: Bradley Thornton

Year 5: Leah Megan Sargent

Year 4: James Tully

Year 4: Summer Bateson

Year 4: Billy Fitzpatrick

Year 4: Macy Garbutt

Year 3: Oscar Ramsden

Year 3: Skye Golden

Year 3: Kai Savery

Year 3: Lola Jackson

Year 2: Zac Moss

Year 2: Meganne Sharpe

Year 2: Armandas Gabalis

Year 2: Isabelle Naylor




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Well done !!

 DSCF6004  DSCF6002 DSCF6001  DSCF6007

          Head Boy                     Deputy Head Boy      Head Girl                    Deputy Head Girl

          Harley Short                 Brandon Short            Abigail Woolford        Shumirai Bvuma


A new school year, a new School Council

Meet the candidates




Thank you


This week we said thank you to our School Council, who have worked hard all year, with a trip to Hollywood Bowl.

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Meet our new Head Boy and Head Girl 




Huge congratulations to Gracie Bocci and Brandon Coates who, for the next school year will

be our new Head Girl and Head Boy. Wivine Mbalazou and William Levitt with be their


Election Day Wednesday 20th July 2016

What a fantastic day! All the candidates proved ‘impossible is nothing’ this morning

when they read their speeches to the whole school. They were so confident! Well done

to each and every one of them.

The School Council worked together all day to help run Hunslet Carr’s Polling Station so thank you to all the members. 



Around school classes were learning about democracy, such as how everyone is

entitled to their own opinion in Key Stage 1 when looking at statistics and debating

whether or not we should have school uniforms. Most classes took today as an

opportunity to learn about our new Prime Minister Theresa May. Year 5 created some

great PowerPoint presentations of their research about our new PM.

The votes have now been counted and verified and next year’s Head Boy, Head Girl,

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl will be announced on Friday morning.

Good luck to each candidate. You did so well!

To see our candidates speeches click here.

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School Council


September 2014-Present


During the past 18 months the School Council has grown in strength and involvement within Hunslet Carr. The children feel like they really have a voice in school and this can be seen through their enthusiasm when thinking about what the SC has achieved since September2014.


During our past two meetings the council have discussed everything they have been involved in which they will be presenting to the Governor’s through Joe and Codie. Here is a brief report of their main areas:


School Council Meetings


  • Meet every week on a Thursday afternoon with Mrs Earnshaw.
  • Everyone has a say and we are all listened to. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Year 6 or Year 2.
  • We recently decided Year 1 would join the School Council. They introduced themselves in our last meeting before the holiday.
  • If there are any issues in our classes or within school we are able to discuss these with JE and find some solutions.
  • Notes are taken from every meeting so it is documented what are doing in the meetings.


SEAL Questions 2015-2016


  • Mr Lumb set us a challenge from Autumn 2 onwards to change the SEAL Ethos statements into questions.
  • We use the themes and the original statements then adapt them to what we think is important for our school to look at. For instance this half term we have two weeks to look at what it means to be ‘Green’ and why it’s good.




  • One of the main things that the SC are involved in are staff interviews.
  • This is one of the areas which the children feel that their voices are heard.
  • When we find out we are involved in interviews we spend time thinking about what sort of person will fit that role.
  • For instance, when interviewing for a new headteacher the children thought about what they wanted. We then looked closely at questions to see if these matched.
  • The children are then democratically chosen by each other so that it is fair. It is only Joe and Codie, as Head Boy and Girl, who are involved in every interview.
  • After each interview the children talk together about their thoughts so that Joe and Codie can feedback to the interview panel.
  • The children particularly like that their favourites are usually the ones who get the job!




  • This year the SC has been involved in selecting equipment for the playground. We have been particularly happy with the success of the chalk for KS1.
  • The SC has also been involved with choosing the design for the new playground. Joe and Codie went around school to share the design with the rest of school. An excited response!
  • Our next challenge is to organise Playground Buddies which is something that was in most of their Election Day speeches.


Election Day/Results Day


  • Last year it was decided that we would have a Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl. These children would be Year 6 children who would not only be the leaders of the SC but represent their school in outside activities and interviews.
  • In order to choose these 4 children we held an Election Day in July where the 8 candidates gave a speech to FS/KS1 then KS2 about what they wanted to achieve for the school. The children in school were then asked to think about who they would like. Throughout the whole day each class from reception to Year 6 voted for who they would like.
  • Prior to Election Day the 8 children had some Year 6 campaign managers to help them win crucial votes.
  • Everyone in school voted; staff and children alike.
  • On the Friday the local Councillor Kim Groves to announce who had received the most votes.
  • This will now happen every year.
  • Year 5 are already thinking about their speeches!


Takeover Day Challenge 20th November


  • The SC was set the challenge to organise and decide what would happen when Hunslet Carr first joined the national Takeover Challenge. It was decided that Year 6 would join the SC in taking over the school.
  • Joe and Codie became Mr/Miss Lumb.
  • Everyone agreed it was a fantastic day.
  • They all enjoyed going into different classrooms and getting to know other children.
  • They all found it interesting to see what goes into their days.
  • Can they do it every Friday?




  • Last year the SC was involved in designing the allotment. They asked their classes what they would like in the allotment then passed it onto the designer.
  • Each child drew a plan of what they thought would work from their class’s ideas.
  • The designer then chose what would work and we are looking forward to seeing our design in the coming months.


School Food Ambassadors


  • Another of the SC’s jobs is to maintain our position of School Food Ambassadors.
  • Last year Joe and Lucy (who has now left) were involved in the training and came back to school with some good ideas.
  • Recently we have looked at the menus and JE has shared our findings with Miss Whitfield to continue to improve our dinners.
  • Last year the SC came up with the idea of packed lunches helping to serve lunches so that they are not bored waiting when they have finished. 

Here is the presentation our Head Girl & Head Boy presented to the School Governors. 

Helen Butters


Helen Butters met up with the School Council where the children had chance to ask all

about the adventures that Helen and her team mates from Yorkshire Rows had had during

The Talisker Whiskey Alantic Challenge.

To see more pictures please visit our Latest News section.


DSCF3121  DSCF3128  DSCF3123

To see our SEAL Assembly Focus for Summer Term 1 please click here


Council Business


                                 DSCF2487                                        DSCF2488        

School Council gathered today to discuss important council business.


Upcoming Jobs and Events for Summer 2016:


Re-organisation of House Teams


Playground Buddies


Election Day and Results Day - 20.07 16


Election Results Day - 22.07.16



 This week Hunslet Carr joined in with the Take Over Challenge which saw our School Council

and some of our Yr6 pupils taking over the school. From the Headteacher to the Caretaker. The

teachers to the dinner ladies and the office staff to the Attendance Officer. A great job was done by

all taking part.Well Done!!

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The votes are in!  


Meet our new Head Boy and Head Girl. The votes were counted and verified and Codie Hazelwood

and Joe Buckley are now our new Head Boy and Head Girl. They have lots of important decisions

to make in the coming year. We would like to say a big thankyou to our local councillor Kim

Groves for taking time out of her busy day to speak to our candidates.

headboygirl                     headboygirl1                      kim