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Please click on the links below to see your childs year group challenge.


EYFS #30things Summer 2018 Challenge Sheet


Year 1/2 #30things Summer 2018 Challenge Sheet


Year 3/4 #30things Summer 2018 Challenge Sheet


Year 5/6 #30things Summer 2018 Challenge Sheet



The children have been working hard on their #30things challenges

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Homework 2017-18

We are commited to developing the skills, knowledge, experiences and attitudes of our children through a strong partnership between home and school. We want to unlock potential whilst providing opportunities for you children to grow.


Why homework at HCPS?


  • Enable children to make maximum progress in their academic development;
  • Individual homework encourages children to develop confidence and self-discipline to study on their own and prepares them as independent learners;
  • Develop skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths, revising consolidating and reinforcing through additional paractice at home;
  • Promote co-operation between home and school and strengthen the partnership to help all children succeed.

What homework will be given?

To enable children to unlock their potential and grow, homework will be split into two parts;

The key 3' (unlock potential) and #30things (opportunities to grow).
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  • 3 Non-negotiable activities will be given each week linked to:

homework owl - Copy   Reading at home,

homework bee - Copy   Phonics/Spellings and

homework spider - CopyMaths.


  • Children will also be aiming to complete the whole-school #30things challenge. Each term they will be given an activities sheet, wich will be stuck in their learning journals.


We aim to comply with the recommended time allocations for homework i.e.

  • Years 1&2       1 hour per week (10-15 mins each day)
  • Years 3&4       1.5 hours per week (15-20 mins each day)
  • Years 5&6       30 mins per day


Our Homework system will be reviewed by a Homework working-group before the Christmas holidays. The group will consist of Parents, Staff, Governors and Children. From this, all stakeholders will also have the opportunity to give ideas for the Spring and Summer Term #30things challenge.

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Our Learning Partnership:


We will provide weekly Homework of:

  • 'The Key 3' will 'unlock' your potential.

homework owl - Copy       Reading at home,

homework bee - Copy   Phonics/Spellings and

homework spider - Copy Maths 'Spider' activity.

  • A yearly #30things challenge, will allow you to 'grow'. Throughout the school year, you need to complete at least 30 of these activities.
  • The last week of term, we will provide a 'reflections' activity so you can reflect on your learning at home.


Signed:_________________________________ (Teacher)



  • My Homework is handed in on:__________________
  • I will hand my Learning Journal in by:____________
  • I will give 100% in my Homework and hand it in on time.

Signed_________________________________ (Child)



  • I will provide some time and quiet space for my child to complete their homework.
  • I will check and sign my child's Learning Journal.
  • I will support my child, where needed, in completing their homework activities.

Signed_________________________________ (Parent/Carer)


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Our Top Tips for the Ultimate Learning Log:


  • Use the high standards that you have in your school books when working in you Learning Journal at home.
  • Ask a member of staff if you need to borrow resources like pens and paper.
  • Check that you have taken your reading book/record and Learning Journal home, ready to work hard.
  • If you are unsure on your homework for th week, ask a member of staff BEFORE homework is due in
  • We want you to do the very best you can do in your homework, so make sure you find a quiet space and some time to complete your work.
  • Ensure an adult in your family signs and dates your homework/reading record each week.
  • Remember when you need to hand you Learning Journal in - we want to see this hard work!

Will your homework be tweeted or be on our Whole-School display?

Remember: Impossible is Nothing


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